December 28, 2010

Emeril Lagasse's palm reading

What I found immediately striking about Emeril Lagasse's hands was his hand shape.

Emeril is a definite Earth hand, which makes perfect sense. I typically describe Earth-handed people as having "hands that think for themselves." This may come through in their work, or it may be in their hobbies. Regardless, I've seen henna artists, woodworkers and jewelry makers, to name a few, with Earth hands.

And, of course, I should add cooking to the list of activities that can evidence in an Earth hand. Brilliant!

Here's the Big E, captured at mid "Bam!" Notice the generous width of his palm, as well as wide and generous fingers... all tell-tale signs of an Earth hand. I've even described them as people with "bear paws," just like Emeril's here. Emeril is pragmatic and reliable, although sometimes stubborn and unwilling (or even resistant) to change. Like all Earth hands, he is a no-nonsense type, and prizes stability as well as solidarity in relationships, be that business or personal.

It's impossible to read his palms clearly, and unless we know if he is right or left handed we don't completely know which hand to appropriately read anyhow. However, by examining the length of his thumb's digits on either hand, we can see that he favors logic and reason by far over brute willpower, so despite his stubborn streak he doesn't muscle his way around when negotiating. Instead, he favors a more intellectual approach, which compliments his pragmatic, Earth handed nature.

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