January 4, 2011

Kelly Ripa's palm reading

Kelly's hands often mesmerize me when watching Live! with Regis & Kelly. Especially as she waves them over her desk space, and cradles her mug.

Kelly is a Water hand.

That means, she's emotional, perhaps even to a fault, but as I tell my clients, "Water handed people are the ones you want for your best friends." They seem to intuitively understand everything you're feeling. Kelly's ability to work in this lifetime using the power of her emotional connections has helped enhance her path.

We got lucky with this beautifully preserved shot of her right palm as she waved one day to the press. I've enlarged the image to get a good look at the lines.

A clear and distinct Life line, which shows a tendency towards becoming more of a "thrill seeker" and more adventurous later in her life, far more than she was in her cautious youth. It looks strong and relatively unbroken, a sign of great physical vitality (which is confirmed by herself when remarking on her athletic lifestyle).

She is not an impulsive person by nature. And, she was late into coming into her sense of self, of who she is meant to be in this life. Despite the fact that her acting career started at such a young age, Kelly still considered herself something a drifter, not really knowing what she was meant to do or be. This feeling plagued her repeatedly until her late 20s, when her role as a wife and mother cemented her life's direction in a way she understood and embraced, far more than her acting profession ever could.

By examining her Head line below, we see she tends slightly toward the "dreamier" side of mental natures, prone to creative thinking by her ability to access a deeper part of the subconscious and pull from that to create her art. 
Her Love line's termination point is difficult to determine, but it seems as if it tapers upwards into a slight ring beneath her Saturn (middle) finger, a very unusual palm marking. If so, it's not that Kelly can't make friends... it's just that she has a very deep need for solitude and privacy which sometimes precludes having a truly social personality. Her bubbly exterior persona might mask this hermit quality outwardly, but our hands tell no lies.

Lastly, I can't leave this celebrity's palm without mentioning her Intuition line, which runs prominently from the Life line (i.e. she has a great "gut instinct"), completely over her Head line (i.e. mental flashes, a sense of "just knowing", dreams that feel like spiritual visitations), and all the way to her Heart line (i.e. highly empathic, which compliments her Water hand shape, and these types can even suffer "psychic claustrophobia" in large crowds). Kelly's intuition level is pretty high up there for as prominently as we can see it, even at a distance. She has clearly learned to listen to the voice within, honor its message and benefitted from her intutional skills.

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