October 19, 2011

Steve Jobs' palm reading

Steve Jobs' vision of how people and technology could interact has changed our lives, and although his life has ended, his achievements remain as his legacy. He was expressive with his hands, so what can we tell from reading them?

No surprise to see Steve Jobs was an Air hand, the intellectual hand type. In palm reading, our personal energy originates at the wrist and the length of the palm shows the length of time the individual spends using that energy, crafting it inside his mind. With Steve, that time was generous.

To see long fingers on Steve as well tells us that after that energy has been internally processed and is then being released into the world, it is met with a personality that wishes to manipulate it greatly until fully releasing it. He spent a great deal of time in contemplation to problem-solve, which fits his public persona as well as his professional capabilities. He was a perfectionist, and (again, no surprise) highly analytical, as we see in his fingernails and fingertips.

Despite his tendency to live inside his head, he did not have as many philosophical tendencies as the public may have ascribed to him. He was a bit too straight forward for that mindset and, Steve also had a bit of a stubborn streak. Those wide knuckles disrupt the flow of energy once it's manifesting in the world, and that translates as someone who can dig in when he met with opposition reading an issue he felt strongly about. Regardless of his stubborn streak, he was fairly balanced when negotiating with others, using his logic as well as his will power in nearly equal measure, with only a slight tendency to favor logic first.

Steve's disconnected Life and Head lines tell us that he was a bit impulsive, despite his mental faculties and logical nature. There was a disconnect at times with the side of Steve that was logical, and the action he would take in the moment, or on the spur of an impulse. His Life line is difficult to see, but his Head line is long and reaches to the mount of Luna. This line shows us a mind that was creative, and could use the recesses of his subconscious in order to problem-solve.

Steve was prudent and even frugal when it came to giving himself rewards in life. He didn't always feel the need to splurge in order to feel indulged, which likely came from his pragmatic, intellectual nature. He was reluctant to let others into his heart though, as the Heart line does not appear to reach the fingers' joining. However, he felt his emotions deeply and did not shy away from living his emotions fully, as we see the prominence of the line early on.

Namaste, Steve Jobs, and thank you for your vision and your inspiration that you shared with us while you were alive.


  1. A great man and a great read. Alissa could you do a palm-reading of English writer Clive Barker?

  2. I will put Clive Barker on my radar, great idea! Might dedicate an entire month to celebrity authors, we shall see!