October 12, 2011

Anna Nicole Smith's palm reading

Anna Nicole Smith's rise to fame allowed the public to witness her personal highs, as well as her deepest struggles. Knowing how her life's story ended, what can we see of how Anna viewed herself while living this lifetime?

Anna was a Water hand, the hand type we have mentioned many times as being the elemental type most susceptible to succumbing to addictive behaviors and substance abuse. This is the shadow side to the Water hand's beautiful ability to succumb to the world of emotion, both their own and the emotions they often naturally sense in those they love. When Water hands find themselves unable to shield their sensitive nature from these powerful emanations, some seek to shut down the input by anaesthetizing the awareness away.

Known for her lifestyle of excess, to see that Anna felt no guilt when indulging herself seems obvious. She was also quite aware of how to use her charisma to persuade others when in negotiations, and could be charmingly sweet to those who fell victim to her powerful personal charms.

It is a surprise, however, to see that Anna did not view herself to be an impulsive person by nature. She did not believe herself to be a risk taker either, although many would describe her public lifestyle as an ongoing series of risky behaviors. Anna felt things deeply, and she had a dreamy side that the public rarely had a chance to experience.

This closeup of the tops of Anna's hands show us her more philosophic nature, another aspect of Anna that was hidden beneath her over-the-top, blonde & buxom public persona. She had thoughts that would go around and around in her head, and was naturally inclined to examine issues from every angle before she felt a sense of mastery over a matter.

Waving didn't come naturally to Anna when in front of the camera... but we've managed to capture a glimpse here. Many of the details are blurred, but a few Life line characteristics still come through.

There are two aspects to her Life line which I find most intriguing: Anna had a guardian spirit who walked with her in her life, and the presence of this spirit was pronounced enough for her to sense and take some comfort from, and, Anna left this lifetime feeling that she was not yet "done." Anna's Life line shows a distinct sister line (hugging closest to her thumb) which shows the path of the guardian spirit who accompanied her. And the length of the Life line itself terminates at the middle of the palm.

While amateur palmists have assumed a short Life line equates a short lifetime (and in Anna's case, her life was certainly cut short) it actually means something qualitatively different... it signifies a personality that will view their time on this Earth realm as having been "too short" and/or "not enough." It can appear on a person who passes away at the age of 89, as well as person who passes at the age of 39, such as Anna did.

Rest peacefully, Anna Nicole, and may your true happiness be attained now that you exist complete within the spiritual realm.

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