November 2, 2011

Kate Hudson's palm reading

Kate Hudson came blazing into her career and has continued to hold the spotlight, and our attention, for years. We've seen her public highs and lows, so let's peek at her palm. She's a leftie, by the way.

Kate is a Water hand. The blog has been awash in Water hands of late, it seems, and the hand type shares the characteristic of being ruled by the emotional realm. Their feelings dictate the course of their lives, and when used wisely, it can add to their ability to connect with their fellow human beings in an empathetic way. Water hands make for wonderful friends because of this ability to listen compassionately to those they care for, and they can be deeply devoted to their family and loved ones. Emotional highs and lows are navigated often, and easily, by Water hands, sometimes too easily for those who share their lives with a Water hand, unless they have learned to adapt.

The closeup is poor, except for one detail... the shadow angle on Kate's palm seems to suggest the presence of a strong sister line to Kate's Life line, the sign of a guardian spirit who travels along their life path as well. If it is as prominent as it seems to be here, then this presence would be strong enough to have a meaningful dialogue with Kate... that is to say, Kate would likely already sense and know this presence is near her, protectively and lovingly.

And with a closer look we can see what her personality already suggests, Kate's Heart line connects to her fingers, so we know she authentically connects with friends easily and naturally. She has a slightly long Head line, showing us Kate's dreamy side, and by the connection to her Life line, we also know she does not consider herself an impulsive person. She is evenly balanced in her need to indulge herself, and her need to show self restraint when enjoying life's pleasures.

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