November 9, 2011

Clive Barker's palm reading

It was a reader of the blog who requested Clive Barker, and as an author myself, I have immense appreciation for uber talented minds such as his. He's taken us on dark journeys, so let's turn the tables, and read something Clive never intended us to... his palm.

Clive seems to be a combination Earth-Air hand, a unique blending of intellectual and pragmatic capabilities. Where the Air handed types can get lost in perpetual mind games and paralysis by analysis, the Earth handed practicality can step in for Clive and keep him very grounded and down to Earth. Indeed, if anything, it's interesting to see someone with such flights of fancy captured on the page with a hand type that indicates such a practical-minded nature. Clive is the polar opposite of the "absent minded professor" type, if such existed.

A connected Life and Head line shows us the continuity between what Clive thinks, and how he reacts in the moment, which indicates he is not an impulsive person by nature. If anything offsets all this down-to-Earthedness of his, it's the arch of that Life line... weeee! Clive really enjoys taking risks in order to feel alive, and he's really become something of an adrenaline junkie, if you will, the more his life continues to unfold.

A long and generous Head line indicates Clive is the imaginative type (duh!) and his Heart line reaches his fingers, which tells us that Clive lets people into his heart fairly easily. He connects with others around him in a way that comes naturally and authentically, and because of the depth of all of his palm lines, we also know Clive does not shy away from his thoughts, his emotions nor the challenges he faces.

The Ego line has a strong origination point from the Life line, showing us Clive's devotion to his home life before starting his life on his own. He has always had a very clear sense of himself, he has not second-guessed himself very often in this lifetime, as we see his Ego line marches with a straight path down the center of the palm, showing his own sense of self-determination. Clive isn't done discovering all about Clive though, and he will continue to push his boundaries, and explore other dimensions of himself in this lifetime, well into his 60s and beyond, before the sense of "settling into himself" comes to him at last.

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