February 15, 2012

Rihanna's palm reading

Rihanna joins us for Song Diva month, and here we've found a fairly good shot at her palm. She has a good command over her logical side and her willpower, or true inner diva, so you don't truly need to worry about this singer "diva'ing" out, as seen in her thumb.

And such a beautiful woman she is! Right away, the first thing that jumps out at me is how clearly marked her Heart line is. Strong, with determination, her emotional world is one of a completeness of heart. She connects easily with others, as we can see by her Heart line reaching her fingers, and she abandons herself to feeling her emotions fully, never shying from those risks inside.

You can also clearly see markings in the mount of Apollo, beneath her ring finger, which is an area associated with a love for the performing arts. People with multiple hash marks, such as we can see hinted here, show multiple talents to this world, and often relish the attention their creativity garners them.

She's amazing! Check this out, Rihanna has a dual Life line. The original line shows she was born into an impulsive lifestyle, you can see a notable gap between her Life line and her Head line indicating a "gap" between how she thinks about things, and the actions she would take in the moment.

But then a secondary line comes in which is connected to her Head line, and is very much the opposite of the person she was during her early years. Where she once was impulsive, she now is careful. Palm lines such as this are extremely unique, and in this connected & non-impulsive Life line, we do see that she still has a bit of a wild streak, as seen in her Life line's arch.

Rihanna has a long Head line, reaching into the mount of Luna, or the subconscious of the mind. As true artists, many whom we've seen on the blog, this ability to look deep within themselves helps create a fertile soil for their creative gifts.

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