February 8, 2012

Katy Perry's palm reading

Song Diva month continues with the incomparable Katy Perry, who has seen her share of unfortunate air time of late due to her recent romantic split. But for someone with Air hands like Katy? She's a lot more cerebral than her image might portray her to be, and is quite able to handle heartache as only an artist can.

Katy is an extremely logical person by nature, and very philosophical, with thoughts that circle in her head repeatedly during the act of manifesting. Those circular knuckle patterns show us this, as well as her extremely long first thumb digit. And take a look at those tapered fingers! She examines every minute detail, and will get bored with tasks that don't challenge her mind in this manner. Katy does a lot more upstairs than people may guess, she's just as sharp as a tack.

And, an idealist? Yes. Hopeless romantic? Yes. Dropped pinkie? Yes.

Now, Katy's was a tough palm to find! The shot isn't my favorite, but it's where we are today.

The close up is hazy, but we can see that Katy does not see herself as much of a risk taker. When it comes to living as outlandishly as her clothing, there's no freaking way. Katy is so conservative, in her core, that she may not show as often to the public. She may have left her religiously conservative childhood behind her, but in many ways, she's not changed so much. She's a free thinker, but not a bungee jumper.

Katy is imaginative as well, no surprise given the level of artistry we see in her work. What I like is that shadow staright up the palm, a hint at her Ego line. No matter what, Katy had a clear sense of herself, from a young age, and she has and will continue to follow her bliss.

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  1. Every one interested to read there Palms, Even the celebrate also. Its really the wonderful feeling if any one tell your future.