January 12, 2011

Neil Patrick Harris' palm reading

I had the unique pleasure of shaking this celebrity's palm at a fundraiser for Musical Theater Southwest in Summer 2010. Early in his career, Neil Patrick Harris performed with the Albuquerque company before moving into television professionally.

Neil is an Air hand, with some unique qualifiers that come through. Air handed people are intellectuals by nature and prize knowledge, often being active self-studiers on an eclectic variety of subjects. Their avid minds think fast, process fast (sometimes Air handed people often even walk fast), therefore Neil's mental acuity is, by nature, razor sharp.

In addition to a predisposition towards intellectualism, the digits of his thumb show a disproportionately long first digit, which indicates a strong predilection to relying on logic and reason rather than brute willpower when negotiating. If anything, there may be a hesitancy Neil shows when needing to "pull the trigger" and make up his mind... paralysis by analysis can take over. Those fast moving thoughts can get stuck traveling in circles.

Coupled with this is Neil's extremely critical nature, and he is especially self critical, as evidenced in the fingernails. He is his own worst critic, scathingly so at times, but this quality has also propelled his career in ways where a complacent actor would fail. And yet, he is also aware of how his life has been blessed, as we see in the moons of his fingernails.

The finer palm details are hard to see, but several features are still visible, even from afar. It seems there is a marked gap between his Heart line's termination point and where his fingers meet. Neil's friends are few and far between due to the fact that few people are let in "behind the wall." Although jovial by nature, in matters of personal intimacy Neil is extremely closed off and cautious about who he truly lets inside his heart. The dropped pinkie reinforces his tendency towards "intimacy issues," but to those he lets in, his devotion is such that he never lets them go. This is evident in the depth and prominence of his Heart line, he doesn't shy from fully feeling his emotions, despite his natural guardedness.

A pronounced Mount of Luna is another unique feature, indicating a particularly strong pull to his subconscious. It may be that Neil's deepest recesses play so prominently in his mind, he uses it easily as fodder for his acting. In addition to this, Neil has a strong Intuition line indicating he is quite aware of his intuitive abilities and adeptly follows those inclinations regularly in his life.

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