January 26, 2011

Madonna's palm reading

Madonna's is not an easy palm to find. I combed through oceans of publicity shots to find a wave to the crowd, and nothing yielded a peek at her palm. But, you can still read a celebrity's hand shape even when their palm lines aren't visible, and so we shall.

A close up of the above shot reveals what many might suspect already, Madonna is a Fire hand with some strong philosophic qualities.

Fire handed people are highly charismatic, thriving when all the attention is on them. They're natural salesmen, and can convince almost anybody to do almost anything, especially when they turn on their considerable charm. Madonna has used her charisma to keep the world's spotlight on her, and every time we think Madge has gone away, she reinvents her persona, repackaging her image to resell to all of us once more. A natural salesman, indeed!

The downside to Fire handed folks is their inability to follow through. Like a brushfire, when inspiration is upon them they burn hot and describe themselves as consumed with passion for the project. However, this fire can just as easily die out when not met with a carefully cultivated sense of self discipline. When Fire handed folks are surrounded by a strong support system, they can allow others to pick up their messes while they're on to the next thing that strikes their fancy.

Her finger digits show us Madonna enjoys indulging her whims, and does not question decisions which make her feel good (again, no suprise to anyone who hasn't lived under a rock since the 1980s). She is certainly not predispositioned to feeling guilt, if anything, guilt is a reprehensible waste of an emotion. Gratification, however it presents itself (monetary or spiritual), is always made welcome.

The knuckles and fingers also speak of her philosophic qualities, which do come through strongly. Say what you will, Madonna is a deep thinker, whether the public sees this side of her or not. But, she's as stubborn as a mule. Negotiating with this diva is a no-go. She will dig in and insist, "My way, or the highway," until everyone else capitulates. Was this another secret to her business success? Indubitably!

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