February 2, 2011

Nicole Kidman's palm reading

Legendary for her beauty and demure in her interviews, Nicole may be able to reveal only what she wishes to the press, but what does Nicole's palm tell us of her secrets?

Nicole is an Air hand, the hand of the intellectual. In many ways, Nicole lives inside the world of her mind far more than the world of mankind. Her dropped Mercury (pinkie) finger is the sign of the dreamer, the penultimate idealist.

A supersized look at her palm, and right away we see the lines are somewhat shallow, a sure sign of someone who shies away from fully embracing this lifetime. There is, beyond the shadow of a doubt, a sense of hesitancy and perhaps even fear in the decision-making processes for Nicole. She is supremely logical and not a risk taker; she is not a gambler, and she always wants the odds on her side in order to feel truly comfortable. Nicole would prefer to decline the invitation (whether it be in matters of love, or of intellect) if it's a subject she doesn't feel a sense of mastery, of control, over.

Despite this, she has had a clear sense of herself from an early age, as we see her Ego line travels with determination, right up the center of her palm. She believed in herself early on, and she still does, despite her share of hardships. She also has a clear and strong Intuition line, and is actually quite psychically gifted. Her abilities include a great gut instinct, frequent bouts of clairsentience and/or flashes of insight, and she is also uniquely gifted with intuition in the realms of intimacy. She would be a natural if her intellectual side ever drove her to study Tantra.

She lives a bit of a Spartan existence, despite her wealth, and does not easily give into whims of self-indulgence. She is not the kind to "treat herself" whether it be with an ice cream treat, or a shopping spree.

In matters of the heart, Nicole is a loner, through and through. She keeps people close to her, but mostly she prefers her solitude. Notice how the Heart line reaches the fingers, this means she can make friends with others, but it also forks to form a V-shaped ring around her Saturn (middle) finger. Much like Kelly Ripa's recent reading, this is a sign of someone who craves hermitage, and prizes time spent in solitary reflection.

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