January 19, 2011

Michael Jackson's palm reading

Was there ever anyone as secretive as Michael Jackson was? But, we got lucky, very lucky, for a posthumous look at Michael Jackson's hand, considering he contributed his right palm (and he was right handed) to Madame Tussaud for permanent preservation.

The first thing I notice with his palm are the multitude of scattered lines. Palms like these belong to people who have led very disconnected lives. They are drifters, they see few things to completion without a great deal of outside help, due mostly to their inability to focus long enough on any given task without assistance.

In Michael's case, his fingertips show me that he had trouble letting go of projects, he was likely to hold on to things until the producers' forced his hand, and made him stop perfecting them so they could be released for the public. He could obsess over small details, often missing the big picture by over-examining the tiniest details in his professional work.

The worry lines nearly take over the Life line area, don't they? See all the vertical and horizontal hash marks on the fleshy side, near the thumb? Michael worried constantly. There was no peace to be found within.

The Heart line shows again how scattered he was in his relations... it nearly reaches the fingers, which would indicate an ability to easily make friends. But instead? It splinters, much like the personal relationships he had. He could almost let someone in, he wanted to, and yet.... Emotional self preservation was instinctual for Michael, and that precluded intimacy.

And look at the dual Head lines, floating about. The lower line shows a nose dive down the center of the palm, an indicator of a depressive mindset. But Michael would have likely agreed that he was a man with two minds, with the second Head line eminating from a floating point (i.e. without stability), and drifting to the Mount of Luna, an area of the subconscious. This was Michael's dreamy side, the one that could get lost in his own imagination, even as an adult. He was often reported to have a child-like side to his personality, and this floating Head line belies his self-professed Peter Pan complex.

Michael's gift for performing arts is (of course) prominently seen on the star markings in his mount of Apollo (beneath his ring finger), while his Ego line struggles up the center of his hand, weak yet almost defiantly straight. Michael understood himself, and I'm sure he believed he knew who he was and why he was here. He likely figured it was the rest of us who just didn't really understand.


  1. Wow Alissa Hall, VERY GOOD, Leslie Siegel Palm Reader to the Stars is very impressed with your reading on Micheal Jackson's palm. Leslie Siegel actually read Jackson's hand on national TV so check it out http://leslie-siegel-palm-reader.blogspot.com and all you said (in shortened form)right on!!!! I said as much about him and the way you said it only expanded it. Thanks for this. I love how you did it, and actually, your reading is much better than mine, but they edited out a lot of what I said.

  2. Thank you so much for the feedback, and what an amazing opportunity that must have been! He has a fascinating palm. Blessings!