February 9, 2011

Johnny Depp's palm reading

He's a chameleon in his craft, facilely disappearing into his characters, no matter how audacious or extreme. But what does Johnny Depp's hand tell of us who he is when the masks are down?

Johnny is a Water hand, an innately emotionally-guided personality, and he has a huge palm with a downright bodacious mount of Luna. The mount of Luna is associated with the mind's subconscious, and given that Johnny's is so prominently developed, we can only imagine at the multitude of subconscious impulses which play so readily to this actor's professional craft - is this the secret behind his ability to embody such outlandish characters so authentically? His prodigious imagination?

Johnny has no problem treating himself to the finer things that life has to offer, and doesn't give much thought to feeling guilty about personal indulgences. But don't count on sitting down with Johnny and having a great time bonding. He's another individual with a huge gap between his Love line and his fingers. He lets few, very few, into his emotional fold. And he's a wee bit impulsive too.

With the generous swing of his Life line, we know Johnny has always been a risk taker, and he always will be, needing to live life with risk in order to feel fully alive. But, his need to redefine himself will abate around, or a few years after, he turns the age of 50, when Johnny finally settles into his life's role, once and for all.

Johnny's enigmatic "3" tattoo may remain a mystery, but examining the length of his fingers shows us the intellectual side to his Water hands. Like his Air handed palmistry cousins, Johnny's long fingers show us that he is a deep thinker, and prizes mental tasks and challenges which keep his mind agile. Johnny favors logic over force of will, but only slightly, as he is fairly evenly divided on his thumb's digits. And by the way, self critical? You betcha, very much so.

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