February 16, 2011

Megan Fox's palm reading

Megan Fox is the modern epitome of beauty, and has even been considered perfect by some. But here's something you might not have known about... Megan's imperfect, clubbed thumb.

Once called "the murderer's thumb," a clubbed thumb on an otherwise normally defined hand is primarily an indicator of someone whose temper can certainly run disconcertingly high. However, more often in today's times, owners of clubbed thumbs are not so prone to violent displays of vitriol (and most convicted murderers do not possess a clubbed thumb).

Instead, those with clubbed thumbs have had to realize, often early on in life, the alarming insistence of their base emotions. And, they can certainly behave quite toddler-like when in the midst of a temper tantrum. Transformers director Michael Bay worked with Megan for two of the three films for the franchise, and famously fired the actress from the final installment, calling her a "diva" in the media.

Add to the clubbed thumb the fact that Megan is a Water hand as well, the folks who are known for making emotionally-driven decisions in their lives. They can be changeable, and temperamental to a fault, but they can just as easily be moved to incredibly generous acts of kindness and charity, depending on which way their emotions are flowing.

So, maybe she's not out to kill us, but Megan's hand reading shows she's highly emotional, with a fiery temper, and a short fuse.

No word from Megan's PR rep on that though.

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