February 23, 2011

Sarah Jessica Parker's palm reading

Sarah Jessica Parker's career began early, and for years the actress has made her profession by playing the ingenue. But Sarah is an Air hand, and a contemplative one at that. In a nutshell? Sarah's a lot smarter than you might think.

Carrie Bradshaw's wit pales in comparison with the authentic Sarah's philosophical and swift-moving mind. In conversations, her thoughts race ahead and must circle back just to respond to you in the moment. Like gale force winds, her thoughts blow through her mind, and sometimes just as elusively.

And, she's a natural at giving direction. Surprising that she hasn't done much directing as of yet in her career, as she has a gift at guiding and instructing those around her. Sarah is also another celeb who doesn't see the need to overindulge her whims in order to feel a sense of personal fulfillment. Fashionistas know Sarah's closet is full of Prada and Manolos, but she considers them to be investments more than indulgences; Sarah tempers her cravings with judiciousness in order to maintain a healthy internal balance.

Sarah is a confirmed left-hander and we can see by the beginning of her Ego line that Sarah recognized from an early age that she felt "different" than those who raised her. She has rarely faltered in her path, and from the beginning Sarah's sense of destiny and purpose was clear in her mind.

What I'm curious about is the strong interruption in the Ego line that we can also see. Clearly, something happened to Sarah in her early 20's that changed her life view drastically -- and it feels family related, or intimately related, for certain -- but whatever it was, it didn't sway her soul's path in this lifetime. But it did change her, on the inside.

Sarah's another actress with a strong Intuition line, which is becoming so common on the celebs in this blog that it's not surprising to see. Her gut instinct is wicked-good, and has assisted her well when decision-making. I detect a guardian presence near her Life line, and it feels grandmotherly (and on the maternal side).

Lastly, Sarah has prominent markings on her mount of Neptune. Considered a marking that denotes a poetic soul, likely to become a musician, I wouldn't be surprised to find out that Sarah is musically inclinded, and if not, she would do well if she picked up an instrument of her liking.

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