March 2, 2011

Lady Gaga's palm reading

If you think you know Lady Gaga, the Fame Monster, you're in for a surprising palm reading. Actually, hand reading is more correct since the Gaga-nator has successfully hidden her palm from this secret celebrity palm reader.

Lady Gaga is an Air hand, with some Fire tendencies, an interesting mix since air feeds fire, and in many ways, Lady Gaga's inspiration is both self-created and self-sustaining. It's no wonder she writes her own material, she abounds with creativity. The Air handed tendencies show Lady Gaga to be an intellectual, one who has an active mind and enjoys self-studying. This compliments her educational upbringing, as Gaga was classically trained.

However, it is her Fire handedness that gives her the highly charismatic nature that we, the public, know so well. Fire handed people are the salesmen (& women) of the world. They have the gift of talking anybody into anything (Eskimos? Ice cream? Check!) and usually so politely that people fall all over themselves to comply.

But here's something I wouldn't have expected, Lady Gaga considers herself quite shy by nature, and despite being in the limelight every moment of every day, performing for thousands, she prefers to give attention to others more than to take it all for herself.

Here's another unexpected detail, she's stronger in logic than in will power. When negotiating, she is not the type to "diva out" and throw her ego around, but instead favors a logical approach. She indulges herself, but not beyond reason by her own thinking. Guilt is not in her nature.

Lady Gaga is left-handed and you would think that a woman who lives her life as overexposed as Gaga does would make finding a good, clear palm picture of her left hand quite easy. Not so. And, I would encourage any readers who might find a good left-handed palm picture of Lady Gaga to send them my way (click Contact to bring up an email link, or Facebook me your photos).

I'd love to tell you more about her, but until she lets this reader see her left palm, it just ain't happening.

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