March 16, 2011

Charlie Sheen's palm reading

With all the media regarding Charlie Sheen, and readers' requests coming in, how could I not hunt him down for a secret celebrity palm reading? And this is a fascinating palm for study!

When observing this palm in a long shot, my first impression was the jaw-dropping realization, "Oh my word! He's a Simian crease!" The Simian crease is a very unusual palm marking, and although the closeup reveals Charlie's palm isn't a pure Simian crease, it is still considered a remarkably close example of one, and remains an extremely unusual find. I have read hundreds, perhaps a thousand, palms and have seen two or three pure Simian creases in my career thus far. They are that unusual (at least, in my area of the world).

The Simian crease, or Simian line, is named for its resemblance to the ape or monkey's palm, and is a conjoined Heart and Head line that runs parallel across the palm.

In antiquated palmistry references, the marking is considered extremely unfavorable, and indicative of a unstable and dangerously unpredictable personality. Already you can see why Charlie's palm, and Charlie's roller coaster ride of a life, are startlingly similar.

The fact that the Head line does not actually meet the Heart line keeps Charlie's palm from veering into the sheer "animal mentality" of a pure Simian crease. The tendency remains, but the short Head line shows Charlie's thoughts run staccato and sharp, hasty but reactive nonetheless. There is no internal drive toward contemplative thoughts, long and dreamy. Instead everything is rapid fire inside Charlie's mind. Pow! Pow! Pow!

The arch of the Life line shows us that Charlie's tendency towards risk-taking grows ever wider, and therefore more prominent, as his life unfolds. In order to feel vitally alive, Charlie's need to push ahead can be all-consuming. Interestingly, this tendency will come to an abrupt halt later in Charlie's life when a new path will find Charlie, and he will find contentment without having to take risks, without needing to speed through time in order to feel truly alive. He will arrive at his center, and stay there, in what looks like a place of future stability.

In this photo, his Heart line is fuzzy around the termination point, which makes for some difficulty in reading. Certainly there is a strong tendency to remain closed off to others, as the strength of the Heart line remains far from the fingers. However, it also seems as if there are new lines that do reach the fingers, which would indicate Charlie is learning how to let others into his life in an intimate and meaningful way. Certainly the public's view of his relationships would run contrary to what his palm says, and only Charlie knows for sure.

Bodacious mounts all around - Venus, Aggressive Mars, Defensive Mars, and Moon - give a dizzying effect of all the subconscious influences at play inside Charlie. Let's not forget Charlie is a Water hand, which is yet another indicator of someone whose entire life is ruled by the emotional realm, for good and for bad. They lead with their heart, feeling their way through life using the power of their emotions to navigate. Like any Water ride, the smooth parts are lovely but choppy waters are always to be expected too,and they can be dangerous.

Charlie's spatulate fingertips show a need to channel the energy from within and manifest it into something dynamic and larger-than-life. When putting projects into action, Charlie isn't happy until the bells and whistles go off inside his head. It has to crash! bang! boom! in order for him to sit back and feel pleased.

Charlie's Ego line is quite a chameleon. On one hand, it almost looks like a secondary Head line, forking sharply down the palm, a sign of a depressive personality. But it's not. And you could also be tempted to read it as an exterior sister line to the Life line, showing a tendency toward living in two realities. But it's not that either.

So, what does his Ego line say? From early on, Charlie felt fundamentally different than those who raised him. And, his path of self definition veers towards the Head line, showing a tendency to live within the mental world, the world of his mind, the interior reality far more than the exterior reality. In essence, everything in this world exists as Charlie's mental projection. We are all dancing to Charlie's tune. The media's attention, the goddesses, the interviews, this blog, you and I... we all exist solely for Charlie's entertainment, by his perception. It is a somewhat Caligula-like tendency. Winning!

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  1. I have pure Simian Creases on both hands. Yes, I did have a hard time not killing lots of people when I was younger. However, now at 56 years old I more tolerant. I am also a teacher of the year and have been working with court adjudicated youth for 23 years.