March 9, 2011

Gordon Ramsay's palm reading

"Shut it down!" It's Gordon Ramsay's tag line, and any fan knows Ramsay is as choleric as they come. So, you'd expect to see a Fire hand, or a Water hand to denote his emotionalism, or maybe even an Earth hand since he's a chef (like Emeril's)?

I thought so too, until a good look at Gordon's hands shows him to be none of the above. He's an Air hand. Incongruous, yes, but true!

Air hands are the intellectuals in our society, the ones who are happy to put their nose in a book, or simply to be left alone to study the subjects that tickle their fancy. With Gordon's rough-and-tumble childhood, he hardly seems the type to seclude himself in the rarified air of higher learning, but Air hands are also known to be self-studiers. Perhaps it was his innately intellectual nature that took hold of Gordon years ago when he left "football" to study culinary arts.

Gordon may be difficult to please in the kitchen, but his hand shows him to be a person who does not like to argue with others. And, Gordon is actually easy to negotiate with. He's longer on logic than he is on will power, so egotistical displays are not in his nature. Does this mean his TV persona is just an act for the cameras? Perhaps. He is certainly a very different man when shooting than when he's not. And, I'm talking night and day kinda different.

Gordon's fingernails show his analytical abilities are accute, and his knuckle patterns show his philosophical side at work, with thought patterns that travel in circles, contemplatively, before he releases those thoughts into action.

And, it's hard to tell if it's just the picture (above) or if his pinkie finger really does have a crook in its last digit, but if Gordon was born with this hand shape -- and the disjointedness is not the product of a previous injury -- then Gordon is particularly private about intimacy. Not surprising, since his wife Tana and his children don't spend much time in his limelight, so his familial protectiveness likely stems from his desire to guard their privacy.

I often wish I could read celeb's hands in person. For Gordon, I'd barter a palm reading for a chocolate fondant any day.

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