March 23, 2011

Nene Leakes' palm reading

I admit, The "Real Housewives" television shows on Bravo network are my secret public vice, and this week I'm taking a look at one Atlanta housewife, Nene Leakes, whose unpredicatable antics are part of her established TV character. But, what does her palm say about her true self?

Well, she's impulsive alright. The notable gap between her Life line and her Head line shows a disconnectedness with how Nene thinks about things, and how she reacts "in the moment," which translates into a lifelong pattern of impulsiveness. However, her thought patterns are long and creative, not short and hasty, as seen in the length of her Head line. Also, there is a strong branch that forks from the Head line, and given the shakiness and fragility of the downward pointing branch, it indicates the fragile and depressed side of Nene's mind that doesn't appear on camera as often as her brazen, "two-snaps-up" self does.

Nene's Life line is a lovely arch showing a remarkable balance between being a homebody and being a thrill-seeker. However, the Life line seems to stop about halfway down the palm. Amateurs might call a short Life line the sign of a short life, however this is not true. Instead, Nene will perceive her life as being "too short" no matter what age she passes at, even if in her late 90's.

Nene is often abrasive on camera, and when it comes to matters of the heart she feels things deeply, and quite passionately, but as a result? She lets few into her heart, and there are few whom she loves deeply and trusts enough to share her most intimate self with. Her Heart line is markedly deep, but falls far short of her fingers, indicating a strong pattern of reluctance to initiate close relationships with others.

While her palm lines are fairly easily exposed in these photos, Nene's hand shape is harder to read, and I should know because I've been fascinated with her hands for several seasons (literally, months). At first glance, she seems to be an Air hand, however something about her fingertips and fingernails suggest Nene could be an Ether hand, which is a far more rare hand shape.

The Ether hand, signifying the fifth element and associated with the cosmos and therefore cosmic consciousness, is a personality whose psychic abilities are so naturally given, they can be taken for granted (and in some cases, even somewhat ignored!) They are hands who belong to people that are a bit flighty by nature, as they seemed to be in tune to a different level of reality than the rest of us are experiencing around them.

Nene's Ego line is a tangle and too fuzzy to accurately read in these photos. What little we can see shows Nene has constantly reinvented her notion of herself, often due to personal crises. Trauma and turmoil (whether self-created or imposed upon her by situations beyond her control) have forced Nene to undergo a multitude of changes in her personal terms of self-definition.

On camera, Nene often waves her hands around expressively and I wish I could do an actual live reading for this celebrity because there is a certain unique energy that emanates from her hands, and draws my palmist's curiousity. While palm reading techniques can be applied even without an in-person sitting, as this blog demonstrates, for an energetic reader such as myself it never replaces the experience of holding someone's hand, sitting together, face to face.

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