March 30, 2011

Quentin Tarantino's palm reading

Sometimes, you get lucky. I found this press line photo of Quentin Tarantino's hand out of the blue one day while researching a different celebrity's palm, and filed it away for safe keeping until today. Although the closeup blurs the finer details, we can still read many aspects, such as the fact that Quentin is an Air hand.

Contemplative by nature, Air handed people are the intellectuals of our society, and Quentin's cerebral tendencies have certainly served him well in his profession... Quentin thinks alot. He's the director who calls the producer at 3:42 a.m. with details about the upcoming shoot, because he can't let go of it in his mind. Truthfully, he over-analyzes things, as we can tell in the taper of his fingertips. But perfection can be a good thing (unless it becomes obsessive) so it is quite possible that Quentin sees this aspect as a beneficial character trait.

And, are those moles on his palm? Or was there something on his hand this day? A mole is a rare find on the palm of an adult hand, as typically melanin is far less present in the palms of our hands and soles of our feet. What would it mean in palmistry terms if these are twin moles? Mole reading (on all parts of the body) is a common divination technique in several Eastern cultures, and their many theories are contradictory, due in part to regional differences (i.e. Chinese palmistry and Indian palmistry are entirely different disciplines, with different underlying principles). However, moles are universally considered noteworthy -- whether for good or bad -- and they fall on Quentin's mount of Apollo, traditionally associated with the arts, and most especially performance arts.

Quentin is somewhat impulsive but there's a hair's breath of a connection at the very beginning of the Life and Head lines that saves him from spinning into the realms of complete impulsivity on a regular basis. His Head line's termination point is difficult to determine, but the photo suggests it trails into the mount of Luna, the area of the subconscious, showing a creative thinker who is adept at pulling from these internal influences when setting about mental tasks.

Sadly, the finer details are lost on Quentin's Heart line, but we can see that he makes friends easily, as his Heart line reaches the fingers, and the depth of the line tells us that he feels his emotions fully, without shying away from their intensity.

From an early age, Quentin believed himself to be qualitatively "different" than the people who raised him -- having greatly different values, and/or different priorities -- and as such he may have considered himself a loner, a "freak" because of his willingness to set himself apart from others, as seen in his Ego line as well as the spacing of his fingers. The depth of the line shows that despite being a maverick, he has clearly felt a strong sense of self during this lifetime. Notice how it leans to (and crosses) the Head line at an angle? This indicates an individual who's spent much of his external life manifesting the influences of his internal (mental) life. That is to say, Quentin thinks of it, and then he makes it appear. When taken to dangerous levels, this tendency can lead to intense narcissism, as if the world exists solely for their amusement, however it's impossible to read if this is the case with Quentin given our example of his palm.

Lastly, Quentin is musically inclined, and if he does not currently study music nor play an instrument, then he would do well to do so. I can see Quentin at a piano... but only Quentin would know for certain if he's dabbled at it.

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