April 6, 2011

Princess Diana of Wales' palm reading

I started this blog because for years now, while watching TV or movies, I find myself spontaneously reading the palms and hands that I see. Princess Diana of Wales was an early celebrity palm I read when I was able to freeze-frame a documentary where she had angrily put her right palm into a photographer's camera to block the shot. It was a perfect palm shot, and I was so intrigued that I took notes and made a rough sketch of her palm's lines. That was 2007.

As you might guess, Princess Di was a Water hand. Emotional, temperamental, generous and yet highly changeable -- the characteristics of the hand shape were all adjectives familiar to the Princess during her life. Across the board, a caveat for Water handed people is to watch out for the tendency to sabotage themselves with destructive behaviors that become dysfunctional coping mechanisms to life's stresses. More than any other hand shape, Water hands are prone to falling into addictive and destructive behaviors due to the emotional realms they live within. Diana's biographers recount her long fight with bulimia, which serves as one way this negative tendency can manifest in a Water hand.

After nearly 4 hours of searching, unfortunately the stills of Diana's palm do not adequately recreate what I saw that fateful afternoon. Even still, many of the characteristics I originally took note of are visible in the closeup (below).

Her impulsiveness is seen in the notable gap between her Life line and her Head line, showing a disconnect between the way she thought about things, and the actions she took in the moment. The Life line's timid and cautious arch is taken over midway with a wild streak that grew more and more, every year that Diana lived. Without a doubt, every year that passed brought out the "wild child" in her even more.

Her Head line shows a strong fork at about the halfway point, beneath her Saturn finger, indicating the schism that existed inside Diana's mind. One aspect of Diana is seen in the long fork that reaches, strong and clear, into the mount of Luna (associated with the subconscious mind). This Diana was dreamy, creative, vibrant. But the other fork plummets down the center of the palm, indicative of a depressed mindset that was given to bouts of hopelessness. Diana's emotional tribulations during her troubled, and highly-publicized, marriage are well known by many, and her palm echoes her sorrowful sentiments clearly.

Diana connected well with others, we know this by her charitable acts in life, and in palmistry by the Heart line's connection to the fingers. The depth of the line bespeaks of the depth she invested in her own emotions. She felt things very deeply, the good and the bad, without a doubt.

Diana's short life is not seen (as some amateur palm readers have assumed) by a short Life line. However, Diana's palm does have a short and extremely shallow Ego line. So little did Diana think herself worthy of having an identity in this lifetime that the line is almost too faint to be seen in this photo, but remains a part of my original notes. In hindsight to her life, it is perhaps the most poignant feature of her palm.

Another aspect of Diana's palm is her remarkably prominent Intuition line. Diana was known for her lifelong interest in psychic phenomenon and it's no wonder given the prominence of her own intuitional abilities. She could listen at every level -- the gut instinct; the mental level, through dreams and clairsentience; and the emotional level, through her profound empathic abilities.

Most certainly, Princess Diana's intuitional and emotional gifts are still missed by so many, although all the more appreciated for what she created during her abbreviated, yet immeasurable life.


  1. Hi there,

    Interesting article. Is it possible to tell how long a person would have lived looking at the palm lines, for example Princess Diana? You mentioned that it wasn't from the life line so what line would it be on?

    1. By my belief, and practices, there is no line nor marking on the palm that will show age of death. It is a Mystery.