April 20, 2011

Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge's palm reading

Kate Middleton's life is changing dramatically in just a short time, once the wedding itself arrives later this month, and although the English Rose has been photographed extensively, thus far her tendency to wear gloves has made it impossible to find this future Queen's palm lines. However, we can still read other aspects to her hand, and Kate seems to be an Air hand, although I think she has a touch of Water thrown in as well.

Air hands are well suited to the high-profile lifestyle that Kate's life will become due to their thoughtful and often careful nature. Air handed people tend to behave logically rather than emotionally, and as such Kate will continue to handle herself well in the onslaught of press that her life is destined to become. Composed to the core, Kate will continue to represent her royal role with gracious dignity as the years continue.

Her knuckle patterns show a sensitivity and softer side to her manner of dealing with others, and diva-like moments will be few, if ever, seen by the public. Her emotional understanding connects her with others, and softens her innately intellectual nature from becoming a purely cerebral.

Reinforcing these empathic qualities is Kate's noticeably dropped Mercury (pinkie) finger. Ultimately, although she will handle herself well in her public role, Kate is private by nature and does not thrive in the limelight. As such, she will not seek attention for herself (Fergie ring a bell?) but will use her privileged position for charitable acts, in the tradition of William, her betrothed, as well as his mother, Princess Diana.

The caveat I would give to this potential Queen is to manage her highly self-critical side, because failures are due in the course of time, if only to learn from in the exalted position she will hold. With the shadow of the last Princess of Wales' legacy as an example to learn from, we can hope Kate will learn to tame the beast inside which can become harshly and unhelpfully insistent on punishing her for the moments when she will inevitably stumble. Her outwardly sunny demeanor endears her to so many whom she can rely upon, if she allows herself to, within her own intimate circle.

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