April 13, 2011

Prince Charles of Wales' palm reading

I expected Prince Charles of Wales to be an Air hand. His reputation as a philosophical man, prone to living the intellectual life, are typical Air handed traits. And yet, Prince Charles is an Earth hand -- he has bear paws, who would have thought?

Pragmatic, stubborn, slow (and even resistant) to change, Earth handed people are "solid as a rock" and as such, they are the least inclined towards flights of fancy, or any type of "magical thinking" that esoteric and occult studies promote. Interestingly, Earth hands often have hands that think for themselves, and will often have a hobby (if not an actual career) in which they can put their smart hands to work. As Charles inherited his mother's love for the outdoors life, perhaps it is his connection to sporting that allows his Earth handed nature to best express itself.

And my goodness, but just look at those conflicting, myriad lines! When reading clients with so many lines, it's like walking into a crowded bar and trying to have an intimate conversation... these hands make so much noise for me when I'm in "reader's mode" that it can be a challenge to focus, line by line, to build a reading.

His palm is startingly similar to Charlie Sheen's (of all people!) in that he almost has a Simian crease, but not quite. The closeup shows shows a hairline connection from the Head line to the Heart line, and although Prince Charles' Head line runs long (a sign of someone whose thoughts run in contemplative manner) it also takes a noticable path down the palm (indicative of a depressive mindset). Could a tendency towards depression be a lifelong battle of Charles' that he's hidden from the rest of the world? His palm says yes.

Charles' close-but-not-quite style of Simian crease is more familiar to me, and it shows a tendency to rationalize one's emotions, a synthesis between the heart and the head. Love is born of logic, and emotions are intellectualized perhaps even more than they are simply experienced. The notion of irrational actions spurred by passionate emotions is absolutely inconceivable to these people.

And it makes me dizzy. I can't find a distinct origin or marking for an Ego line at all, which is a stunning similarity to his first wife, Princess Diana's, palm. Or it could simply be the difficulty with the photos we find.

This shot gives a slightly different cast of light, which allows a bit of clarity.

Obviously a photo from a few years ago, Charles is younger looking and his palm is slightly less hash-marked (an interesting example of how our lines continue to subtly change throughout our lives) than in the first example.

I wouldn't suppose Charles to be an intuitional person by nature, he just doesn't seem the type. However, his palm says otherwise. Charles has a prominent enough Intuition line that we see his gut instinct is vital and his intuition also presents itself at the mental level with times of clairsentience, as well as dreams that feel more like spiritual visitations. 

But it doesn't end there! When reading the Victorian palmist Cheiro's books, he mentions a different location to the Intuition line, and it's a location that I see less often in America. But Charles has it. It's the horizontal line that stems from the outside of his mount of Luna, and points inward. In my experience, it indicates a person who carries a strong karmic bond from a previous lifetime that they are currently seeking to explore and/or resolve. I can find specifics to this karmic thread when conducting live readings, however since it's the kind of information that I best receive through touch, it's just not bloody likely we'll ever know.

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