April 27, 2011

Prince William, Duke of Cambridge's palm reading

Prince William, heir to the British throne, is an interesting palm to try to peek into. Firstly, he's a southpaw and he comes from parents who both are documented using their right hands to write with.

In some palmistry resources, reading the left hand's palm lines can be considered reading the characteristics you were born with, as opposed to the right hand, which signifies those you develop in your lifetime. It has been called "the birth hand," however I adhere to the practice of assigning these variations based on dominant and non-dominant hands, and not simply by one's right and left. As such, Will's left, dominant hand is the one to take a good look into in order to see the man he is today.

Will is an Earth hand, and I've noticed that when reading parents' hands, often their children's hands will reflect characteristics from one or both of their parents. For Will, his hand shape resembles his father's. Both share the Earth hand characteristics of being reliably grounded, slow to change in their ways, and as having hands that can "think for themselves." Their mutual strength is their solidity, their mutual weakness is their stubborness.

However, Will's Heart and Head lines are not nearly as close to each other as Charles', which tells us that Will does not have his father's tendency to merge his emotions with his intellect, nor will he rationalize his emotions in order to experience them, such as Charles does. Instead, we see Will's hand resembles his mother's lines, with a more generous quadrangle between the Head and Heart lines, and the Heart line appears to connect to the fingers, showing his ability to connect naturally with others.

Even without seeing the details clearly, we can still observe his Life line is strong, clear and distinct, showing a vital and active lifestyle. It has a typical arch, which is to say Will shall always be well-balanced between his careful nature, as well as his thrill-seeking tendencies.

Of all the lines on his hand, it's Will's Head line that is most distinctly his own, resembling neither parents'. His Head line is long, showing his thought patterns tend towards the harmonious and dreamy side. He is a creative thinker, and pulls from his subconscious easily for inspiration. Although the finer lines in Will's hand remain obscure, with even a glimpse at his major lines we see he is a balanced and pragmatic young man who has a productive mind, someone who is in touch with his emotions, and who lives his life in keeping with his own goals and limitations. As a potential world leader, Will shall use these gifts to assist him in matter of state. In his personal relationships, Will shall strive to continue to maintain his intimacy with his beloved new wife, while balancing the ongoing scrutiny of the world's attention.

Here's to wishing the best to the new couple, and may their love continue to blossom as the years pass by!

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