May 4, 2011

Matt Damon's palm reading

Readers' requests have been coming in, and to show my appreciation I've grabbed a few celebrities' palms for the month of May to satiate your curiosity. Let's start with Matt Damon, who seems to be a combination Earth-Fire hand, a curious combination. Fire handed people are hasty by nature, but charismatic and engaging as well. Earth handed people are steadfast and resistant to change, quite literally they are "down to Earth." As a combination, Matt enjoys the charisma of the Fire aspects, but remains grounded through his Earth aspects. As a celebrity, he may be the most "normal" guy we've seen on the blog yet.

If his Fire hand has its hasty reputation, one look at the joined Head and Life lines indicates that Matt is not the flighty type, and rarely (never?) makes decisions impulsively. The arch of his Life line shows a balance between introversion and extroversion, making him, yet again, "normal."

The closeup shows us that his Head line's termination point indicates Matt neither thinks short, staccato thoughts, nor are his thought patterns long and dreamy. His Head line ends right at the "average" termination point, making him neither dreamy nor hasty, just "normal."

His Heart line touches his fingers, that tells us he is open to allowing others into his heart, and he does not emotionally close himself off from others. And, his Ego line begins right from the center of his palm, meaning he neither felt "different" than his parents while growing up, nor was he swayed into being heavily involved in the family, or familial obligations, early in his life. More "normal."

So, is there anything truly remarkable we can see about Matt's hand? With the closeup so blurry, unfortunately little more can be read with certainty, but Matt has some indentations on his mount of Apollo (an area indicating a love of arts, and often specifically the performance arts). Given his profession, this hardly seems shocking, but perhaps more of a verification that Matt would do well in any outlet that allows him to showcase his personal art for others to enjoy.

But, I admit, I wish I could get a better peek at that connecting line between Matt's Head line and Heart line. It looks like it could be a St. Andrew's cross, the palm marking belonging to those who have succeeded in life, but only after facing a great deal of adversity. It looks as if it could be there, but it's too fine of a detail to know for sure.

So, Matt Damon is just a "normal" guy, through and through. Not an act for the cameras or the public, not according to his palm anyhow.

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