May 25, 2011

Eva Mendes' palm reading

It's the conclusion of readers' request month with the amazing Eva Mendes. Eva doesn't wave to the crowds though, it's Eva's thing to blow kisses.

Lots and lots of kisses.

I mean, really.... I looked for forever. Nothing but kisses.

But, the tops of hands alone garner plenty of information as well, and it is typical of me to begin a client's palm reading by reading the top of their hand first. Eva is an Air hand. With an agile mind that adeptly absorbs information, Eva is a voracious aesthete, inclined towards a keen appreciation for beauty, especially the fine arts. She is a philosophically-minded person as well, as seen in her knuckles' patterns. Her thoughts naturally travel in circles, and Eva examines an issue from every angle until she feels she's studied it long enough and she's ready to release it into the world.

She is not stubborn by nature, and tends towards using logic over willpower when making decisions in groups. Let's be clear, she is not a diva. She is, if anything, an anti-diva. Eva doesn't believe in egotistical displays in order to gain acquiescence from others. And, she's something of a romantic at heart, an idealist. Her logical nature sometimes hides her sentimentality, because the world can so often fail to live up to our expectations.

Lastly, she's extremely critical of herself, she literally shreds herself to pieces. Look at the damage she's done to her Mercury (pinkie) nail, and in every picture she consistently wears her nails extremely short. There are times in metaphysics when the body materializes the mind's metaphors, we "shoulder a burden" or, "rip ourselves to pieces." Eva's acuity must become rather inwardly-pointed at times, and quite evidently she finds it hard to accept the public's accolades until she deems herself worthy of them by her own interior scale.

There's just one last thing from Eva before we go....

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