May 18, 2011

Susan Boyle's palm reading

Reader's request month continues with this unusual, undeniably talented, and perhaps even reluctant celebrity, the singer Susan Boyle, who came to fame after winning the Grinch Simon Cowell's heart with her voice.

Susan is a Water hand, so she's highly empathetic to the emotions of those around her. Like the water element, she is comfortable in the realm of emotions, however, her emotional realm can also easily become overwhelming as well if Water handed people have not learned how to shield themselves from an excess of emotional input. Water hands are prone to turning to depression, self-medication and/or addictions when they cannot shut down the emotional overload in times of hardship, however their great strength is also their emotional connections that they make with people in this world.

Susan's hand also shows that she's drawn to elegance, finery and gentility. These are qualities to be emulated, not because she wishes acceptance from others but because they are considered noble pursuits. Susan is not prone to guilty feelings after indulgences, and does not make room in her life to nurture feelings of remorse. And, she's longer on willpower than logic, and more inclined to see things from her own perspective than to remove herself and see a situation in an analytical light.

It's always a bummer when the closeup of a dominant hand gives only the slightest glimpse of the palm lines. But, there seems to be a gap between the Life and Head lines, which would indicate an impulsiveness to her character. Her Life line is deep, indicating a high level of vitality and overall good health. However, the arch of the line shows Susan is not a risk-taker, and prefers to play it safe rather than over-stimulate, which is certainly the trajectory of her career choices. Lastly, it's very hard to read but her Ego line seems to show she came into her sense of self only after removing herself from her family obligations.

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