June 1, 2011

Oprah Winfrey's palm reading

Her daytime television show ended last week, and she's probably one of the biggest celebrities of all time. And, she's a southpaw... it's Oprah.

Oprah's hand is remarkably clear, with only a few lines that present themselves. For as crazy as her life must be, Oprah keeps her mind "clean" and as uncluttered as the lines on her palm. Her Life line shows her sense of adventure and her willingness to take risks in order to feel "alive" has grown exponentially, the arch swinging wider and wider, as the course of her life has unfolded.

And, she's a bit impulsive alright, the gap between her Life and Head line tells us that there are most certainly times that Oprah professes one thing, but finds herself doing something totally different in the moment. Spontaneous, yes, but the line between spontaneity and impulsivity is measured in degrees of dysfunction, and only Oprah knows if her impulsiveness is a disruptive force in her life.

The length of the Head line shows Oprah's thought patterns travel in long, dreamy rhythms, and she is able to reach towards the impulses of her subconscious for inspiration. When problem solving, she is balanced between her willpower and logic, using both equally to persuade others.

In matters of love, we see a slight gap appear between her Love line and her fingers, showing us that while she has made a career out of reaching into others' hearts, she is cautious about those she lets into her own. Most interestingly, we see a very pronounced, strong fork, a mark which gives prominence and strength to her Love line. The direction of the fork tells us that Oprah is adept at seeing both sides of an emotional issue, and the length of the fork indicates a willingness to use her emotional and empathetic gifts to teach others. If ever there was a palm which pointed towards a celebrity's career choice, it's right here!

Yet, it's Oprah's Ego line which is the most interesting to me. Her origination point starts near the mount of Luna, indicating an individual who feels themselves distinctly "different" than those who raised her as a child. But, it looks like a trident at the origination as well, which is far more unusual. Tridents at the Ego line's origination point have come to mean something quite different in my personal style of palm reading... they show a soul who is not necessarily from Earth. Strange? Perhaps, but with a trident on the Ego line, we see a soul who has come to Earth's reality and incarnated in order to learn and advance their soul's trajectory. Many realities exist for a soul to incarnate within, and while some return to Earth frequently to continue to explore their soul's path and resolve personal karma, others are not here as often and find the Earth reality fascinating, and maybe even repulsive, in its strangeness and brutality.

Lastly, we can't leave this celebrity's palm without mentioning the faintness of her Ego line as well. Perhaps the biggest secret Oprah's palm tells is that Oprah thinks very little of herself. Her public persona might be larger than life, her finances might make her one of the most powerful people alive, and yet Oprah does not find herself terribly important... to herself. It reminds me of Princess Diana, in that she is one of the most notable people on the planet, and yet not within her own mind.

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