May 11, 2011

Robert Downey Jr.'s palm reading

Reader's requests month continues with Robert Downey Jr., and it's no surprise to see a Fire hand here, with characteristics that include a highly charismatic nature, and one who is great at motivating others but not so great at motivating themselves. Notice his extremely tapered fingers? Let's put it this way... he's obsessive (even compulsive?) about the fine details of his work. When Robert involves himself intellectually in a project, whether work or play, he struggles with an intense, and possibly highly unrealistic criteria of perfection that is humanly impossible to achieve. Yet, like most artists, that doesn't stop him from holding himself to that standard regardless.

The generous phalanges indicate what the public has witnessed with Robert's past, Robert doesn't question his indulgences but simply enjoys the more sensual pleasures life can offer. It's his nature to not question the impulse to fulfill these gratifications, however, Robert's addictions and public struggles have allowed us to witness what happens when those excesses have lead him to trouble.

For the closeup, I find it best to view it from various angles to seeing varying contrasts on the photo in order to pick out the finer details of his palm's lines. As such, it would seem Robert's hasty Fire-handed nature is balanced by the connected Head and Life lines. Despite his past, he really isn't an impulsive person by nature either.

In fact, the extremely wide arch early on in his Life line shows his thrill-seeking days hit him hard and fast in his youth, but this arch stops, growing no more extreme, very early on in the line. This tells us that Robert's trajectory has evened out, and his need to push his life to extremes in order to feel truly alive have been kept in place, and will continue to be, for the rest of his life.

His Head line seems to end towards the center of the palm, indicating staccato thought patterns that play inside his mind. Robert is not the dreamy type, although he is creative (in fact, his mound of Luna reminds me Johnny Depp's palm). Bam, bam, bam! He thinks it, and then he moves quickly to the next thought. While contemplation is not in his nature, he is however highly analytical.

Ready for another shocker? Robert can and does let people into his heart. Again, this seems to play against his public persona, but in his heart of hearts? Robert enjoys connecting with his fellow man, and yearns for the company (romantic or not) of those whom he finds "compatriots." His Heart line is prominent, showing he feels his emotions deeply.

His Ego line is the most interesting, from what we can see, because for the most part it's so normal. And his life has been anything but. Yet, I wish I could see for sure, but it looks like a diamond-shaped island exists early on in the line. If so, this shows a marked period of time when Robert pulled into himself -- "I am a rock, I am an island" -- and felt extremely isolated (either through his own actions and choices and/or by the situation of his life). Isolation and incarceration can show up as a variety of palm markings, and in various areas of the palm, including the worry lines, the Life line, and the Ego line. Given the periods of enforced isolation that Robert has endured while incarcerated, as well as the emotional isolation that he puts himself into, it's no surprise to see his palm's verification.

Lastly, the length of the Ego line tells us one more thing about Robert... he won't be content with his definition of himself until well past his 60s. Until then, he will continue to strive to find new areas within himself to explore, and new identities to become, both onscreen and in his real life.

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