June 8, 2011

Angelina Jolie's palm reading

Angelina Jolie has captured our attention for years, and now let's take a moment to peek at her authentic self. For starters, Angelina has Air hands. She's an active self-studier who enjoys the pursuit of knowledge, often purely for the sake of study, and Angelina prefers to keep her mind busy. She's the type to study Swahili just for sake of learning it. She relishes the company of fellow intellectuals and devours good conversation as cerebral sustenance. And, believe it or not, Angelina doesn't believe in rewarding herself extravagantly. She has a bit of a guilt streak that prohibits her from excessive indulgences for herself (for her children is a different story).

Let's start with her Heart line. Yes, there's a gap, indicating Angelina keeps others at arm's length, and is slow to accept you into her heart. But there's also a more unusual mark that shows the likelihood of a love that comes into Angelina's life quite late, and it's not Brad I'm seeing. It's someone who will be important to her much later on, when relationships aren't always sexual but can still be intimate and passionate.

Angelina's Head line worries me as it shows a serious downward turn, a sign of a depressive mindset and something for Angelina to be cautious about. These moments of bleakness can deprive her of her personal sense of power, and prohibit her from reaching her goals in this life. But otherwise, the length of the line shows us she has dreamy thought patterns that run long and inter-connected; she is the type to philosophically daydream the day or night away, if given an opportunity. She's not the impulsive type either, despite what the press' opinions have been throughout her life.

This time I saved Angelina's Life line for last instead of first, and here's a slightly different shadow over these lines. Can you see why I saved them for last? They're complicated, no?

The rest of her palm is obscured, but the closeup allows a better look at these complicated Life lines. The line closest to the thumb is actually an extremely prominent sister line to her Life line, which runs next to it. This is the sign of a guardian or protective spirit that walks with her in life, and is obviously so prominent that Angelina could tell us in a blink of an eye who that guardian spirit is, as she most certainly feels herself in regular contact with this entity.

The third line that hugs the thumb is actually the downward arch of her Head line, as discussed. And the next line in shows us the slightest hint at what her Ego line looks like, coming from the center of the palm, a place of balance between identifying with those who raised her, as well as feeling qualitatively different than her caregivers. Despite the media's belief that Angelina is an unpredictable person, Angelina feels herself completely level headed and has enjoyed a clear sense of destiny and purpose throughout her life.

And she always will.

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