June 29, 2011

George Clooney's palm reading

George Clooney has been rather shy about revealing to the press if he's right or left handed, but like his buddy Brad Pitt, he's documented as repeatedly using his right hand to sign autographs.

Which is almost unfortunate given the fact that in this shot, his left hand gives us a better shadow to see the lines. Even still, from the shape of both hands, we can see George is an Air hand. These are the intellectuals of our society, and those who prize learning, no matter what their own level of formal education. They are active self-studiers, and are known for being capable of holding on to tremendous details. They often talk fast, think fast, and even move fast (leaving companions struggling just to keep up).

George is not the type who will reward himself with indulgences, not without a measure of guilt anyways. And, he's evenly balanced between reliance upon logic and will power in mutual negotiations.

With the closeup, we can see George has taken a life of risk-taking, and nonstop thrills given the extreme arch of his Life line. Students of palmistry ask me, "How do I know what an extreme Life line arch looks like, compared to normal?" George Clooney, my friends. Is it any wonder he's been a bachelor with a thrill-seeking arch like this?

His Head line is very long, showing a tremendous imagination and a facility at tapping into his subconscious realms. He is a clear thinker, with very little room for waffling or second-guessing himself. And, George is not the impulsive type either.

His Love line is a bit hazy on its termination point, but it seems to touch the fingers, which tells us George is quite open with his affections, and is good at letting people into his heart. His bachelorhood is not from an inability to connect emotionally. Reinforcing this is the strength and clarity of the line as well, showing his willingness to embrace his emotional realm, and allow himself to feel his emotions fully.

By his Ego line, George is going to continue questioning who he is, and what he's here to do in this lifetime, until at least the age of 60, changing and re-changing his mind as to who he believes himself to be.  After that, he will begin to learn to accept his path more and to question his purpose less, as his Ego's path becomes calmer.

As is often the case with this blog, we see the characteristics markings on the mount of Apollo, beneath his ring finger, where an interest in the performance arts is noted on the palm. The V shape would suggest the dual paths he has taken to showcasing his art form, nurturing each path in conjunction with the other.

Lastly, George is a seriously intuitive person, and is gifted at every level of intuitional awareness: the gut instinct, flashes of sudden knowledge, clairsentience/"just knowing", empathic awareness of the emotions of others, and even sacred sexuality, such as Tantric pathworking.


  1. You gave him a super nice review. Here are some points I noticed:

    1)Person is most interested in learning, naturally very curious, extroverted, boldly speaks his mind to people and does thing in a bold manner as well.

    2) Love line ( I prefer to call is heart line) shows somewhat selfish person, who is more interested in satisfaction of his own needs and urges, rather than warmth and kindness, indicates an non-committal type.

    3) Danger of Cancer in the future. Not a very healthy vitality in general. I also think that he is not a womanizer the media tells us he is.

    3) Tendency towards depression, isolation and needing space.

    4) Majorly restrictive lifestyle, no overindulgence... diets and self-control. Fear-driven personality.