June 22, 2011

Will Ferrell's palm reading

I think comedians hide more of their authentic selves than actors, using humor as their mask. So what happens when we unmask Will Ferrell? Let's just say this, he's complicated.

First, there's his complicated hand type, he's an Fire and Air combination. His interior world is the Fire half; when ideas are brewing in Will's mind, he's all inspiration with thoughts that jump and skip (leaping like flames) in the excitement of the moment. But Will has an advantage that most Fire hands don't, he has Air fingers, indicating that Will has the ability to take those moments of internal inspiration and apply himself to seeing them manifest in the external world. He has a discipline that pure Fire hands often lack, and he has charismatic spark that pure Air hands often lack (reminds me of Lady Gaga's Fire-Air combination hand).

He's stubborn though. He's a perfectionist, he's self critical, and he's unwilling to let go of a project until he feels it's perfect. His Air fingers mean he's great with holding on to small details, but Will also battles the "demon" inside. His animal passions run strong, and as such he should watch his alcohol, drug and sex drives, as they can lead him into realms of substance use (and abuse) if not kept in check.

And why hasn't Will done much directing yet? He has a gift at giving direction, and others are inclined to receive his method of directing quite well. He should seriously consider moving into the director's chair for future film and tv projects, in addition to his feature roles.

If you didn't know this yet, Will's a southpaw. His hand is remarkably unlined, an indication that Will is good at letting stress go. He's not a worrywart by nature, despite his perfectionism. His Life line is prominent and strong, showing Will enjoys a physically active life, and will maintain a lifelong balance between his thrill-seeking side and his couch-seeking side.

The length of the Head line shows us Will's thought patterns run staccato and short. He makes up his mind, and he's quickly on to the next thing inside his head, with little inclination to daydream about a situation in order to problem solve. However, Will leans on his emotional understanding in addition to his logic, the fork on the Head line that reaches the Heart line shows us he is adept empathically, a quality not often seen by the public at large but would be readily recognized by Will's close friends.

Not that he has many close friends. That ginormous gap between his Heart line and fingers shows us Will is seriously cautious about whom he embraces fully into his heart. His friends are friends to the end, and as such they may be few and far between, but by Will's reckoning, they're the only ones that matter anyhow. Will feels his emotions deeply, he embraces his emotional realm, the good and the bad alike.

But I've saved the best for last, reader... it's his unique Ego line. It begins with a fork, possibly even a trident, showing us that Will can feel like he doesn't fit in with the humans on this planet. His soul has been in other realms and while visiting here on this realm, he feels qualitatively different at times, all the while embracing this human incarnation fully. Further, it is likely this sense of oddity Will experiences while observing his fellow man that led him to comedy. Humans are, after all, hilarious... in our pathetic glory and our sublime pain, we are still something to be laughed at.

In addition, we see the Ego line markedly breaks and resumes a new jagged path, this can be a sign of emotional and/or physical trauma of the depth that it changes the soul's path in this lifetime. Something significant happened within Will's psyche, looks to be around the age of 28 (give or take a few years), that made him decide to change who he wanted to be in this life. Since this event, he's gone through intense periods of isolationism but he's also carved a new identity in life, and this path he's on now will continue to guide his sense of self.

Will's energy strongly reminds me of Robert Heinlein's alien visitor who couldn't understand laughter in Stranger in a Strange World. "I've found out why people laugh. They laugh because it hurts so much . . . because it's the only thing that'll make it stop hurting. ...The goodness is in the laughing itself. I grok it is a bravery . . . and a sharing . . . against pain and sorrow and defeat."

Will sees his comedic path as that of a quixotic facilitator in this mass public sharing against pain and sorrow and defeat. If you asked Will why he does what he does, this is what he would confess. At least, it is according to his palm.

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