July 6, 2011

Paris Hilton's palm reading

With the publicity she's had for the past decade, I bet you think you know Paris pretty well. According to her palm? Oh no you don't! Paris' public life and personal self are very distinctly separate, and here's how we can count the ways....

I discovered from repeated examples, Paris doesn't wave like the rest of us. Instead, she tends to pull her palm flat when greeting the press.

Paris is an Air hand... bet you didn't see that coming. Paris' intelligence quotient is so far higher than you and I have yet had a chance to see, although that business acumen of her father's is most certainly present inside her. Air hands are the intellectuals of our society, those who spend a great deal of time in thought and have minds that think fast, they process both logic and emotions very fast, and often they even move swiftly. Behind that smile, Paris' ability to see through the nonsense with her shrewd insight is laser sharp. We've been blinded by her pretty face, when we should have been paying attention to her beautiful mind.

Paris does not see herself as the indulgent type. I know, readers... the media has peppered us with stories of Paris' lavish spending excursions in times past. But, by her own measure, Paris doesn't indulge in her cravings (whether ice cream, or shopping) without some bit of remorse.

On the good side, Paris' Heart line is more obvious when she cups her hand this way, and with the strong fork she has, it's obvious that Paris can see both sides of an emotional issue. True too, readers... Paris is an extremely compassionate person, almost to the point that she must guard this instinct in herself because her position in our society can make her more likely to fall victim to those who would prey upon these innate, benevolent instincts. There is an aspect of her mother's influence here, and Paris feels things very deeply, the strength of her Heart line is quite pronounced, indicating she fully embraces her emotional realm. If her public persona has portrayed Paris as shallow, self-serving and emotionally weak, they could not be farther from the truth.

The markings on her mount of Saturn (middle finger) tell us something else we wouldn't expect, Paris is quite a hermit at heart. A recluse by nature, if Paris had her way, she would be away from everyone and everything, except maybe a few of her family or closest friends, and even that only occasionally. Alone time is something Paris prizes more than anything, and as such, she has endured accusations of being difficult and snobbish, when really all she wants is to be by herself for a while.

Her Intuition line is evident here also, although it is not clear. From the depth and presence we can see in this shadow, Paris has three ways of experiencing intuition; she has a good gut instinct and reacts well in the moment, she has times of clairsentience/"just knowing" as well as dreams that feel more like spiritual visitations, and she has empathic awareness with an ability to sense the emotions of those nearby, and especially the emotions of loved ones, both near and far. This last ability can prove a large challenge for Paris to manage, as she must guard herself in crowds against "psychic claustrophobia" when she isn't mindfully shielding herself from it.

Our best hope for a peek at Paris' palm comes not from the press or fans, but instead from a more candid shot.

From her thumb, we can now tell that Paris relies more upon logic than willpower when negotiating with others. That's right too, she doesn't diva out in order to get her way with others, instead she uses more of that mind power that none of us are giving her credit for. There is, however, this cloying sweetness I pick up from the end of her thumb where the willpower digit is, suggesting that Paris is quite aware of the power of using her will, her charm, when she negotiates, especially when she turns on "Sweet Paris" for everyone. This persona is something she can turn on and off, so to speak, but it also comes from an authentic place inside -- that is, "Sweet Paris" is not an act, but it isn't who she always is. Only occasionally, and most especially when negotiations or situations make it more necessary, Paris will pull "Sweet Paris" out for us all.

Paris is not an impulsive person, and by her Life line she will spend the first half of her life feeling as if she must live very cautiously. You heard right... until Paris nears mid-life, she will continue to live a life where she is cautious in all of her choices, and finds her world untrustworthy. If anything, the times in her youth when the press regularly reported her nights of debauchery were episodes of Paris wanting to break free from the restrictive mindset she puts upon herself and lives with, daily, inside her own mind. There is a freedom that will find Paris in her 40s and thereon after where she quits questioning and learns to start embracing. Finding this sense of trust in her environment is one of the larger struggles she is dealing with in this incarnation.

By the length of her Head line, we see Paris' thoughts are long, interconnected and dreamy in nature. She dips into her subconscious area when problem solving, and in the clarity of the line, we see she is not in the least a scattered or unmindful person.

Although hard to see here, her Ego line seems to have diamond shaped islands early on, which is no surprise. This verifies Paris' frequent sense of isolation, of being alone in a crowd, that shaped her formative years. Later, Paris' Ego line begins a more clearcut path in life with a sense of destination, and of destiny. She breaks free from this instinct to isolate herself (despite her innately hermit-like ways, as we've discussed) and learns to let go and trust in something more to be with her and to guide her. She will enjoy pushing herself, challenging herself and discovering new aspects of herself until well into her 60s before she decides it's time "to cruise" for a while and just let the rest of life unfold around her, at her leisure.

P.S. I love her earrings too.

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