July 13, 2011

Leonard Dicaprio's palm reading

Leonard Dicaprio's career began early and shot him to international stardom, so it's a bit surprising to see Leonard is an Earth hand, and is in all matters pragmatic, slow to react, and quite literally down to earth. A common characteristic of Earth hands is their ability to use their hands to create, they describe themselves as having "hands that think for themselves," and this trait can manifest in any manner of creative ways, from woodworking, to cooking, and many other handy pursuits.

Leonard doesn't believe in indulging himself. If anything, he's more prone to buyer's remorse than retail therapy. He tends towards using his willpower more than his logic when negotiating with others, and from an early age, he recognized the drive to set himself apart from others, to be recognized as someone "different." He is comfortable as the loner type, a quality which is echoed even more as we study his palm lines.

Leonard's a wee bit impulsive, and coupled with this is his tendency to become more and more of a risk taker until well into his 60s. Until that age, he will be hurtling himself through this life, ready to take a gamble, if for nothing more than having the experience alone.

His thought patterns are long and dreamy, and it also seems like there's a strong writer's fork that we see on the Head line, but it's hard to tell how that line is connected to the others. In any case, the world inside is rich and imaginative.

It wasn't easy for Leonard, early on. There are islands along the Ego line early on that resolve themselves later, showing periods of marked isolation in his youth and into his early 20s (often, but not always, voluntarily). These times tested his ego and helped shape some of the determination and drive that he has shown throughout his career. The line clears up and takes a straighter, and clearer, course as he reaches his late 20s, showing his sense of self-determination increases then, and his life's path becomes more evident as he reaches his 30s and beyond.

His Heart line doesn't seem to touch fingers, but it's difficult to tell for sure, so we can't conclusively tell if Leonard lets others into his heart. He does have a strong hermit streak, the same marking we've seen on Kelly Ripa's, Paris Hilton's, as well as Nicole Kidman's, palms. As such, Leonard finds time to be left alone, time to himself, to be vital to his mental health. He is also remarkably intuitive, and has a clear understanding and regular dialogue with his intuitive self.

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