July 20, 2011

Rob Lowe's palm reading

Rob Lowe has gone from teen idol to family man, and his acting career has seen dramatic highs and lows. Rob's a Water hand, and because he lives in the emotional realm more than any other, he's had to learn how to navigate those extremes carefully. Water hands, as the most empathetic of hand types, are prone to allowing the course of their lives become overly swayed by their emotional input, as well as by the input of those they love. They can be prone to falling into addictions, or other means of self-medicating, as a means of tempering those extremes, as felt from within.

Now, Rob wasn't born impulsive, but he has certainly grown into the tendency. You can see the Head line and Life line begin conjoined, but quickly veer apart, with a growing gap. So those youthful indiscretions of his that you may remember? This could be the source of those impulses as well. His thought patterns tend on the long, dreamy side and he accesses his subconsicous easily, given the length of the line.

His Heart line doesn't connect to his fingers, but strays into the mount of Jupiter, an area associated with teaching. This mark indicates Rob has learned how to use the art of compassion to teach others, to reach them and help them. What is deeply ironic about this tendency, however, is the gap between his Heart line to his fingers, indicating Rob is extremely reluctant to let people into his heart. While he is quite compassionate, and uses that quality to teach others how to feel fulfilled in their own emotional lives, he is also extremely guarded. I keep getting the image of Rob mentoring young people, in a setting that is outside his home, such as a church or other semi-formal position, which would dovetail his compassionate side into his teaching instincts.

But here is the mystery of Rob's hand, what is that long line he has near the mount of Luna? It's not his Ego line... his Ego line shows a balanced path between rebellion and familial duty, but there is a shadow of a line closer to the Luna mount that is unidenfiable, and certainly unique. Is it a fork on the Head line, ian indicator of a secondary mindset with extreme bouts of depression? Or is it a tributary that feeds into the Ego line, indicating a "second life" during Rob's youth, one that was hidden from the persona of his squeaky clean public image? For now, we cannot tell for sure, although Rob could us. If he wanted to.

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