July 27, 2011

Tom Welling's palm reading

Sometimes people request celebrities I have hardly heard of, but since I lived half my life in a dance studio, there's a lot of pop culture I've missed out on during the past 2 decades. Tom Welling is a name I didn't recognize, but my sister did and so many other Smallville fans surely do too! So what can we find out about by peeking at his palm?

He's an Earth hand, and it's surprising to see an Earth hand that enjoys setting himself apart from others. There's certainly a streak in Tom that wants to be recognized, and acknowledged, as being different than other people. Most Earth handed people aren't comfortable commanding attention for themselves, and because they're often good with their hands, they usually prefer that the things they make get all the attention instead getting attention for themselves (like Emeril Lagasse and his cuisine, for example).

Tom's a bit longer on logic than willpower so when negotiating, he's the type to use rational arguments to win others to his side. And, he's not the type to feel guilty for indulging himself either. His weakness is he can sometimes be hasty when putting projects into action though. He works better in teams rather than solo, for this reason.

Tom began life feeling quite cautious about taking on new ventures, but he's learning to open up to adventure more as his life progresses. He is definitely not the impulsive type, as we can see form his conjoined Heart and Life line.

While he feels his emotions deeply, he is extremely cautious about who he lets into his heart, and he's not the type of guy to have a lot of friends. Connecting with others does not come easily, but those that he does love he trusts completely. 

And really, Tom's just a normal guy. His thoughts are more legato than staccato, with tendencies to creatively daydream in moments of spontaneous inspiration. His Ego line is also very normal... he's balanced between his need to take care of his family who raised him, and his need to set himself apart from his family while finding himself growing up. Although, I do see a unique branch off the Ego line, around the age of 28, where another path presented itself to Tom, and he had to be quite willing to follow this alternative for it to make its mark upon his palm. Whatever that option was that life offered him, he chose instead to stay the course, as he had set it. The sacrifices of the choice were too much for him, and so instead of straying, he stayed the course.

And not much evidence of intuition, as the line is completely unseen in this photo. But, that is quite common on Earth handed people, as they are usually the last type to be interested in metaphysical pursuits. This might be the most "normal" handed celebrity we've read since Matt Damon... Tom's just another normal guy who happened to feel the need to set himself apart, and so he pursued acting to help him to complete that instinct.

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  1. Now I'm going to have to refresh my memory and learn about ego lines. Very informative. Thanks!