August 3, 2011

Heidi Klum's palm reading

August is Fashion month in my world, the time when some of my favorite fashion TV shows return, and to celebrate, the stars of fashion TV are my featured celebrities for the palm blog. So, who else could we kick off fashion month with other than Heidi Klum, Victoria's Secret supermodel and host of Project Runway?

Hi, Heidi!

I am not surprised to see Heidi is an Air hand. Her innately intellectual nature might be what most people forget about when gazing at "The Body," but make no mistake... Heidi's a quick thinker, and behind that radiant smile, she's analyzing you with the same careful scrutiny as she does the contestants' runway garments. She's evenly balanced between using her willpower and her logic when negotiating, and she's not the type to indulge herself often. (After all, a lot is gifted to her so, ironically, she doesn't have to!)

She's very guarded with her heart. She may be quick with a smile, but she is slow to let you into her emotional home. While her family fulfills many of her emotional needs, Heidi would do well to use her more compassionate side in a mentorship role outside the family. She has an ability to guide others that we have not yet seen fully explored in her public life.

Strange to see that while she is not impulsive, she is a wild risk taker. Her Life line's arch is almost a diagonal, it swings so far towards center, showing her willingness to throw herself into situations, but never to react hastily. And, it's hard to say for sure, but there seems to be a sister line here as well, a palm mark which would indicate the presence of a guardian spirit who walks with Heidi in this lifetime.

From the depth and length of her Head line, we know Heidi is a creative thinker and quite sure of her own opinion in all matters. She also shows markings which would indicate a natural musical ability, another aspect of Heidi that has been hidden (for the most part) from her public life.

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