August 10, 2011

Tim Gunn's palm reading

As exuberant and expressive as Tim Gunn is with his hands, you would think finding a palm shot for him would be easy. But, Tim doesn't wave to crowds. Strike one.

And with the way he uses them all the time, you'd think surely a screen capture has to be out there somewhere. Strike two.

Because, Tim's hands speak for themselves, after all.

But Tim is not giving up the palm shot. Strike three, no peeking. So, we're gonna have to stick with the tops of Tim's hands, and, if you haven't guessed, Tim's an Air hand.

As one of the most beloved intellectuals on TV, it's just a no-brainer to see Tim has the hands of the master aesthetician, in love with all things related to the pursuit of grace, order and knowledge. Tim's mind moves swiftly, and like many Air-handed people, you can be sure that if you and Tim were walking side by side, you'd be struggling to keep up. An avid self-studier, Tim is the type to pick up a new pursuit, or even to puzzle out a problem in his mind, just to keep himself occupied.

That attention to detail which Tim is known for in his work can be seen in the tapering of his fingertips, the sign of a razor-sharp mind that is detail-prone in every aspect of his work, and his life. The circular patterns in his knuckles tell us that Tim's mind will go around in circles, his philosophical nature at work, examining an issue from every angle before letting it go to the next logical step. Tim can be a little bit stubborn, believe it or not. Also, Tim's self-critical for certain, but not bitingly so. If anything, I would consider it a job hazard.

Here, at last, we see Tim's reluctant thumbs coming to the forefront for the camera.

And, these thumbs are really interesting.

The first digit of the thumb represents logic. And, on Tim's hand, of course you're going to see it! Tim's first digit is disproportionately longer than his thumb's 2nd digit, which represents willpower. This means the opinionated Tim Gunn we all know and love as our fashion mentor was not a role that came naturally to him, but rather Tim has had to learn to find his voice, and in doing so, to claim his right to his position, in this lifetime. For many years, Tim's mind was stronger than his willingness to speak his mind; I would go so far as to say that only in the past few years has Tim learned how to project his willpower as a figure of acclaim.

In Tim's mind? He'd rather choose the solitary pursuit of grabbing a crossword puzzle and sipping his coffee on the balcony, than make a public appearance. But, it's his connections to each of us, his fans, that keeps his mind active and his curiosity piqued. And, by the way, ego tripping? It just isn't in Tim's nature. He's quite happy to get his own coffee, thank you very much.

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