August 31, 2011

Nicole Richie's palm reading

Nicole Richie began her career as a TV reality star, but today she's an accomplished designer, with her Winter Kate line of clothing as well as her Nicole maternity line, not to mention her House of Harlow 1960 jewelry line, and she's a mother of two. Busy much, Nicole?

Nicole is an Air hand and she thrives on the intellectual challenges that her many roles place before her.

Nicole is definitely not impulsive by nature, and is really only what might be considered "average" on the risk taking scale, although her willingness to take risks seems to grow as she ages, instead of decrease, as we see on most palms. Her inner "wild child" will still be alive, even much later in life, although the risks she takes to explore this aspect of herself will never truly place her well being in danger. This is because Nicole does not drive herself to extremes in order to fulfill this expression of herself, but finds other ways of unconventionality instead.

She feels her emotions deeply, and doesn't shy from that aspect of herself, however if Nicole has a caveat on her palm, it would be to watch her tendency to "point fingers" in personal relationships. By this, her tendency to look at the blame of others, and not always to her own culpability, has acted as a blind spot in her emotional life. More now, she must learn how to take responsibility for her own part in a relationship, fully and completely, than she has in times past.

Nicole has a Head line that terminates towards the middle of her palm. This shows a balance within her mind, a combination of short, staccato thought patterns and long & dreamy thought patterns. She knows the direction of her mind clearly, as seen in the depth of the line itself, and rarely second guesses herself. Despite her intellectual prowess, she does have a tendency to use her presence, and her willpower, when negotiating with others. While she has logic to spare, she knows the efficacy of using her charm to best get her way and does not hesitate to use this tactic when she feels it necessary (because it works).

Nicole has no problem indulging herself either. The tendency to be a guilt monger, or to feel bad about making herself feel good? That's not part of who she is today, and any tendency to beat herself up inside is a pattern that belongs to her long-past.

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  1. I hate to be so catty and shallow, but I don't understand why someone so famous has such ugly hair. She needs a new hairdresser.
    Oh, but nice reading A. ;-)