August 24, 2011

Rachel Zoe's palm reading

Once, while watching "The Rachel Zoe Project," I found myself caught up in Rachel's hands. She was waving them about that day, and I felt so much energy coming through while watching, opening the channel inside. She's a complete perfectionist, there it is in her Jupiter (pointer) finger. And a moment later, Rachel used the same words in her dialogue on camera, joking that she was a freaky "Virgo perfectionist" by nature. It zinged me, and ever since (years before starting this blog), I've been intrigued by Rachel's hands.

That she is a belovedly perfectionist OCD freak is quite evident in this photo (specifically, in the shape of her pointer finger, wearing the white stone). Rachel can be stubborn, we see this in the width of her knuckles. Even still, when a project is just about to come to be, that's when Rachel can kick into "play nice" mode with her clients and her personnel. Her fingers become quite tapered at the digit near the tips, showing the energy, at its finial point, moves swiftly and without disruption. In the planning stages Rachel digs in deep if there's something she disagrees with. But in the moment of a photo shoot or runway show, she's butterflies and roses, giving 110% of herself in order to get the job done smoothly. This tendency plays out on camera frequently, so it's no surprise to see it here in her hands too.

And those tendencies to lay awake at night, with thoughts that go around and around in the mental laundry dryer of what needs to be done next? That we can see in the circular patterns of Rachel's knuckles. 

While the rest of the world believes Rachel to be a person who indulges herself with gleeful abandon, the truth is Rachel has a bit of a guilty streak, and she believes herself to be quite balanced between the urge to satisfy an indulgence (be that a Chanel, or an ice cream) and her need to live responsibly and frugally.

Below, we see Rachel wearing her new "push present" from Rodger Berman, a gift celebrating the birth of their son, Skyler Morrison. Rachel's a Water hand. She lives in the emotional realm, and as such, some days she's like a log ride, an amusement park roller coaster of emotional highs and lows, but in the end, it comes out smooth. Water handed people make incredible friends because of their ability to soothe those around them, even it's just by lending an ear, or a shoulder, to one in need.

But, there are rocky waters to navigate on other days, and Water handed people are easily influenced by the emotions of those near to them. Learning to surround herself with positive people has become more and more important for Rachel in her personal and professional realms as she tunes into her naturally empathic nature. This empathetic tendency has increased for Rachel since transitioning into the role of a mother, in addition to the other roles she embodies in her life.

When negotiating with others, she's relies more upon her logic, and is a real wuss in the will power department. Rachel's non-confrontational nature can be seen at it's most extreme in the digits of her thumb, a tendency which has gotten her into trouble in the past. When hiding from confrontation, due to her own insecurities, Rachel has sometimes made a situation much worse simply by not facing it head on. This tendency is due in part to her inability to recognize her right to speak her mind, much like we see (coincidentally) in Tim Gunn's hand as well.

What is most interesting is this combination of being stubborn, and yet being non-confrontational as well. This clash of tendencies can manifest in a negative, passive-aggressive sort of way when Rachel's upset over an issue but doesn't know how to express that in a way that won't cause a fight. Giving someone the "ice princess" treatment, not speaking to them or shutting them out as a means of silently expressing her disapproval, can be a aspect of Rachel that needs to be managed.

The new season of "The Rachel Zoe Project" starts September 6th on the Bravo network! Hooray!!! I've waited 13 months for a new RZP premiere, and this season Rachel's pregnant, and starting her new line of clothing. I'm so ready!

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