September 7, 2011

Jennifer Aniston's palm reading

Jennifer Aniston's celebrity presence has been iconic for nearly two decades (and this is in Hollywood, mind you). Given the amount of time we've had her in our consciousness, what can we see when looking at hers?

At first glance, I thought Jen would be an Air hand, or maybe Water. But then I squinted, and thought about it a little more... from this pic, she also looks like a Fire hand, but with more intellectual qualities. But her palm and fingers make such square shapes, the sign of an Earth hand...?

When this confusion happens, it tells me Jen is a Combination hand, and I see clients with elemental combinations as their hand type about 20% of the time, so they're not terribly unusual. But they do command a unique balance of many of the elemental qualities -- they are intellectual like Air hands, facile in their emotions like Water hands, charismatic as a Fire hand yet pragmatic like an Earth hand -- and because of it, they make for incredible people. It could be that part of her appeal as an believable and accessible actress comes from this blending of relatable traits.

By the look of her thumb's digits, Jen's evenly balanced with logic and will power in her negotiation tactics as well, another sign of her well rounded character.

Jen is definitely not an impulsive person by nature, and she is quite cautious as well. The arch of her Life line, and the more shallow nature of the line itself, tells us she doesn't seek thrills in order to feel alive.

She has a strong mind and is quite headstrong about the issues she carries close to her heart. The tail end of her Head line takes a swan dive into the Mount of Luna, showing us that Jen can delve into her subconscious easily, but sometimes when she's swimming in those deep waters inside, she needs to guard against any depressive tendencies.

Jennifer has a guarded heart, but also a compassionate nature. While she does not let many people into her heart, nor does she share her emotions with many, she feels for the hardships of others and Jen would do well in any mentorship roles she took on in this life.

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