August 17, 2011

Tyra Banks' palm reading

Tyra Banks' influence on fashion TV (this month's theme) spans numerous countries, with "...Next Top Model" franchises breaking out all over the world. Her beautiful face is one we know well from magazine covers and runway catwalks, so what do we know about her palm?

Tyra seeks balance in all of the aspects of her life. She has learned to cultivate this sense of balance -- between work and play, between solitude and public life, between many disparate influences within her own self -- and her palm speaks eloquently of these efforts.

While she is not impulsive by nature, she can have a moment of disconnect when it comes to the way she thinks about an issue, and the actions she takes in the moment. She's harmonized her need for adventure with her need for her quietude and serenity, and in many ways, her career has allowed her a natural balance of both of these aspects.

The fork in Tyra's Heart line shows her compassionate nature, which she leans on more heavily in her role as talk show host. While she feels things deeply, she is guarded in matters of the heart.

Below, the angle of Tyra's palm really accentuates her Air handedness. You can see how long her palm is, an indication of the long length of time that Tyra spends contemplating ideas before bringing them into action. She's evenly balanced between her urges to indulge her whims, and her need to remain frugal. She's also quite evenly balanced between using logic and using willpower in times of negotiation, favoring neither approach but finds it most effective instead to use a mixture of both.

Her Ego line shows Tyra had a clear sense of herself until the age of 28 or so, when a radical shift forced her into seeing her life's path in a different manner. The entire line seems to shimmy to the right (as we view it), showing the shift she felt it necessary for her life's direction to take. But the line remains clear and strong, crossing the Head and Heart lines, from that point on. Tyra's repurposed sense of self will be the person she sees herself as being for the rest of this lifetime, far into her later years.

Two significant relationships are clearly written into Tyra's hand. Only she would know in her heart who these men's names are (if indeed she has met them both so far in this life). 

Tyra also bears St. Andrew's Cross, the marking believed to be a sign of ultimate success, but success that's found after many trials and tribulations.

Take a look at the origination of her Head line, that is quite unique.

Tyra is a woman of several minds, there is the first Head line which originates at the right side, and reaches up to terminate at the Heart line. The other follows a long, downard-sloping course before terminating just past the palm's center point. Stacatto thoughts are playing through Tyra's head most often, but she must guard herself from depressive tendencies.

And, balancing this tendency is the connected, emotional aspect of Tyra's empathic mind, which remains more upbeat and connected to the positive, spiritual aspects of herself. Quite unique to see the distinct splintering of these influences though, almost as if two sides of her brain are in a constant internal dialogue.

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