September 14, 2011

Jennifer Hudson's palm reading

Jennifer Hudson is a Grammy award winner, and a survivor of tremendous adversity following the 2008 loss of her mother, brother and nephew in a tragic shooting incident. At 30 years old, Jennifer's life has had its share of extreme highs and lows.

And her palm reflects it.

Jennifer is an Air hand. She is an intellectual by nature, happiest when she has a book in her hand and quietude in her environment to enjoy it by. She relies on logic rather than willpower when negotiating with others and yet despite this rationalism, she is at heart a "hopeless romantic" who still believes in the power of true love.

Jennifer's Life line shows us she will become more of a risk-taker as her life continues, feeling more confident in taking risks in her older years than she has been during a cautious youth.

Take a good, long look at this closeup... this is a palm you don't see very often. In fact, despite hundreds (maybe thousands) of palm readings I've done, I've never seen one with these features. Jennifer has two "broken" major palm lines. Broken lines are defined as those who visibly terminate and reestablish themselves with a new origination point and trajectory.

Both Jennifer's Head line and Heart line have distinct breaks. This kind of marking denotes a trauma to the personality, and due to the placement of the break on her Head line, we can see this trauma happened between her "early" life, and "mid" life -- timing in palm reading is very tricky, but we can at least break down a lifecycle into generalizations such as "early" (denoting childhood, adolescence, and early 20s), "mid life" (being one's 30s, 40s and 50s) and "later" (indicating retirement age, and beyond).

Even if we knew nothing of Jennifer's circumstance, we could tell that something major happened to her to denote the dual breaks, and that this trauma has caused her to become a different person in two major ways: how she "thinks" about the world, and how she "feels" about the world. The break on the Head line indicates that while she has never been an impulsive person, her new way of thinking is contemplative, dreamy, and yet must remain guarded against depressive tendencies that can set in. The break on the Heart line shows us that while she feels her emotions deeply, and does not shy from her emotional realm, she also remains extremely guarded about whom she loves, and lets into her heart. She has had to face a radical shift in how she relates to her fellow man, and this has had a "trickle down" effect in how she loves, and feels loved. There is a part of her which will never go back to being the emotionally whole person she once was, but from the pieces that remain, she has made herself complete, despite the pain.

What would be truly interesting is to somehow ask Jennifer if her palm has always been this way, or if her lines migrated during the traumatic experience itself? This would go far to answer one fundamental, philosophical question so many of us face, "Was this event destined to happen?" I am not much of a fatalist, even as a palm (and Tarot) reader, and yet how poignant a question remains, and I have been asked so often, "Is this fate? Or can I change it?" In Jennifer's case, we wouldn't know without questioning her directly.

But Jennifer's not done yet, people. She has yet to fully embody her role as a mentor and teacher. Giving the gift of learning (and most certainly using music to do so) is one of her strongest character traits in this lifetime. She will go on to teach others, and in doing so, will find some of her most meaningful interactions in this incarnation with her fellow man.


  1. I'm so glad you asked whether her palm changed due to the events, or the palm was always this way and thus the events were predestined (although I doubt the actual events were predestined, and if the palm was always that way/i.e. she was born with the breaks, then I would guess that something was predestined but not necessarily the exact events that happened). Anyway, I wanted to ask that question, and then you did; bummer you don't know the answer! Jennifer might not even know. I mean, you'd have to be pretty well acquainted with the lines on your palm from a very early age... which makes me want to take pictures of the boys palms now and at various stages... have you done that with your kids?

  2. I've been doing pics, palm casts, and a few palm prints, of both boys. It's FASCINATING to watch a child's palm lines... until my own kids, I never had such access to a developing palm. Kids' lines change fast, I've seen the 10 yr old's palm change drastically just over a summer as he changes and matures. Do it, Nat!! :D