September 21, 2011

Reese Witherspoon's palm reading

Although Reese Witherspoon waves to the press and fans frequently, finding a shot of her palm was quite tricky. Let's start with this view of the top of her hand...

Reese is a Water hand, she lives in the world of her emotions (and others'). Water hands make for natural empaths, as they often easily sense the emotions of those they are surrounded by. As such, they make wonderful confidants, and amazing friends, but being in love with a Water hand can lead to a water ride of epic proportions.

Even still, there is a touch of Earth hand to the palm itself, which may make her "muddy" (Water + Earth) but it also helps to ground her. In the best of times, an underlying sense of groundedness can cement her from being washed away by the emotions of the moment. On the down side, it can cause internal strife when her emotional half argues passionately with her practical half, and leaves her "stuck in the mud."

She has a touch of the idealist in her as well... there is a Pollyanna streak in Reese that often gets argued away by her own practicality. And yet, despite the rationalism, her emotional side still clings to her romanticism, unwilling to let that aspect of herself go. She is also highly self-critical.

Only Reese's major palm lines are visible here, but we can tell by the joining of the Life and Head lines that Reese is not an impulsive person by nature. She has, however, a bit of a "wild child" streak that doesn't always listen to the voice of practicality inside, but this tendency only evidenced itself as she began her adult life. As a child and teen, Reese was actually quite cautious.

Reese feels her emotions deeply (no surprise in a Water hand) and she connects well with others, allowing people into her heart with less guardedness than most of the celebrities we see on this blog.

But that's all boring to me... here's what this palm reader finds most interesting about Reese's palm.... There is a strong marking that interrupts her Life line early in this incarnation (let's say around 12 years old, give or take a few years). Something very traumatic happened to Reese, as evidenced by the presence of a "walk-in" spiritual personality that came to her assistance. Where most palms might show a guardian angel or spiritual assistance in a sister line to the Life line, on Reese's hand this mark is prominent, and aggressively interrupts the Life line, showing contact was made with the core personality.

A "walk-in" is a term given to a spirit who "presses" their influence and awareness into the core personality. While usually angelic, demonic walk-ins have been chronicled by metaphysicians as well, although with far fewer frequency. In Reese's case, I feel nothing negative in the image (although holding her hand would help someone like me to "tune in" with much greater ability). This tells me several things: Reese found herself having to face something traumatic and felt unable to deal with it alone, that a spiritual force (most likely benevolent) came to her assistance in this moment, and even went so far as changing the personality she had been, into becoming the person we see today. Another hallmark of a "walk-in" is the ability to leave spiritual and/or emotional gifts with the core personality, changing them in ways that might never have been known through life's circumstances alone.

In an actual reading, this walk-in information would be folded into the information yielded by reading the Ego line, which we can't see due to the flash of this picture. However, Reese's unique mixture of emotionalism and pragmaticism certainly has gifted her with abilities that have helped her to succeed in the various roles she's undertaken (and will continue to portray) as an actress.

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