September 28, 2011

Charlie Hunnam's palm reading

Despite his history in the entertainment industry, it wasn't until his role as "Jax" on Sons of Anarchy that I was introduced to Charlie Hunnam. Me, and about a million other people... male and female fans alike. I mean, really. Want to hear the best part, ladies? He's not just a pretty face, however proving this to the industry will be one of his ongoing challenges until age removes some of his beauty and talent becomes more of what we see (much like Brad Pitt's professional trajectory has been).

Charlie's an Air hand, but I have to say, he must have some Water tendencies as well. Primarily, Charlie is an intellectual, and a careful thinker. He would certainly describe himself as philosophical, especially in those knuckle patterns which show us how Charlie's thoughts go around and around in his head. The length of his pinkie finger shows us he's good at intimacy and intimate issues... not necessarily just the act, but he's gifted at being emotionally giving of himself with someone he loves. This generous Mercury finger, coupled with the Water like undertones to his hand show us Charlie may prize knowledge, but certainly not more than his emotional relationships.

He is highly self-critical, and mentally takes himself to task for so many little things every day. Even still, Charlie has a positive outlook on life, and sees himself as being blessed (both monetarily and emotionally). Despite his bank account, he doesn't believe in indulging himself and is frugal by nature. Like his character, Charlie is also the voice of logic in group decisions, but unlike Jax, he almost never tries to throw his will power around in order to convince others. Charlie will logic them to death first.

If only this shot were just thiiiis much lower, but it was a gold mine considering it took an appearance at the Emmys to get a decent palm shot of this celebrity. Charlie keeps his hands jammed in his pockets and grins for the majority of his press appearances. It's a great angle to see his fingertips, and there we can see Charlie's ability to hold on to a thousand tiny details in his mind, relishing the mental challenges that his work presents for him to conquer. If Charlie's mind isn't being stimulated or challenged at his professional tasks, he finds them unbearable to stick with.

You know what we said about being gifted at giving of himself to those he loves? Those "others" are few and far between according to his Love line, because Charlie doesn't let people into his heart easily. As such, despite his many acquaintances, he doesn't have a lot of friends, but the ones that he has are the only ones who matter anyhow. And, for those few whom he falls in love with, he is a generous and thoughtful partner. Charlie is extremely good at listening to both sides of an argument, and is compassionate almost to a fault, if such a thing existed.

By his Life line and Head line, what we can see of them, he isn't an impulsive person, and Charlie has a tendency towards long thought patterns that connect with his subconscious quite easily. Given his long flights of fancy and his propensity towards intellectualism, you can be sure Charlie doesn't mind when he's lost inside his own mind. 

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