October 5, 2011

Amy Winehouse's palm reading

Songstress Amy Winehouse's early departure allowed us only a few short years to enjoy her tremendous talent. Her life's story has ended, so what can we tell of Amy just from looking at her palm?

Amy was an Air hand, and as such, she was a far deeper thinker than she was given much credit for. Given her history of substance abuse, I would have expected a Water hand (the most likely of the hand types to develop addiction issues) but it only goes to show that palmistry paints in broad strokes. There are more incongruities in Amy's hand, such as the fact that she didn't believe in indulging herself... in fact, she carried a guilty conscience. From the public perception, Amy didn't seem to deny herself anything that would make her feel good. From Amy's perception? Suffice to say, if Amy felt good, she also felt guilty for it.

However, it is no surprise to see Amy had a Simian crease. We've discussed the Simian crease in Charlie Sheen's palm reading, and given that it signals a personality who has trouble discriminating between her head and her heart, it's a predictable mark here. Amy most certainly led the self-destructive lifestyle that a Simian crease can foretell, and this comes from the inability to use the power of her intellect in a way that governed the impulses of her emotions. While she was naturally an intellectual, it was her emotions that made the decisions in Amy's life, for good or bad.

Here's another incongruity: Amy did not see herself as an impulsive person, despite living her life ruled by her emotions, nor did she perceive herself to be much of a risk taker. She knew herself to be a deep thinker; her Head line does not completely merge with the Love line, as a "pure" Simian crease would show, but a secondary Head line plunges into the mount of Luna, associated with the subconscious. Amy knew she had serious depressive tendencies that had to be managed (or, medicated) but she also believed those darker aspects of herself fed into her creative abilities.

Amy had trouble relating to other people, and did not let others into her heart very easily (actually, almost never). Despite her celebrity connections, she craved solitude, and anyone who loved Amy would have to accept her need to periodically "disappear."

This shot of Amy's (dirty) palm allows us to see with greater detail some of her palm's markings. Whenever I see palms with lots of shallow, disconnected lines, it is a sure sign that this person has led a life of tumultuous changes, a real "rolling stone" who refused to put down roots. It bespeaks of the scattering of influences that played through Amy's mind, and not always in a positive manner.

What breaks my heart is to see what a natural empath she was. Amy was extremely gifted intuitively when it came to matters of the heart, she could sense the emotions of those she was near and as such, she could be an incredibly supportive friend. It also gives a window into her addictions, as she most certainly felt the highest of highs when absorbing the energy of the audiences she played for. Replacing that high when offstage with substances became her way of dealing with those same emotions that were making all of her life's decisions for her.

May her spirit rest in peace, as her talent will remain timeless, captured within our collective consciousness and played out on radio waves around the world.

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