November 16, 2011

Ryan Gosling's palm reading

Ryan Gosling, the Canadian actor whose career has won him awards, is one difficult hand type to read. Nothing replaces an in-person reading when you can hold someone's hand, and feel their energy, in conjunction to looking at their hand's characteristics.

Let's see why... Ryan has a long rectangular palm, and proportionately long fingers, which makes me think at first glance that he's an Air hand. But, do you see how "puffy" his hand is as well? Those fluffy, pillowy mounts and finger digits are characteristic of a Water hand, another hand type with long palms and long fingers. Sigh! The best this reader can do with Ryan is to call him a Water-Air combination hand. If you're a Tarot reader, the energy coming from Ryan is a combination of the Knight of Cups (Water) clarified by the King of Wands (Air) ...but I won't digress. He is more Water than Air, but there are elements of both presiding.

Ryan feels things deeply, and he's more inclined to follow his emotions over following his logic. However, having said this, Ryan's logical abilities are substantial, and there was probably a point in his life when he considered a more academically-based lifestyle, rather than his current one of red carpets and premieres. Still, the emotional rewards of his work as an actor are even more important to him, and therefore it remains his true calling.

His attention to details is phenomenal. The extreme tapering of his fingertips shows us Ryan's ability to hold on to every minute aspect of his work, and in fact, his Air handed side relishes the mental challenges he can find himself delving into.

Ryan's got to watch that influx of emotions though, both his and others'. If he doesn't surround himself with people who are positive, the possibility of taking on toxic relationships can be exponentially higher for Water hands, because they are so empathetic by nature. Toxic people can draw out the latent "toxic" in Ryan even more easily than most people, due to the fact that he naturally shades himself towards the personalities he feels closest to.

Ryan is not impulsive by nature, we see this in his connected Head and Life line. He has a medium arch on Life line, which indicates he is fairly balanced between his thrill seeking moments, and his couch seeking moments. He is given to long thought patterns but should guard against any depressive tendencies. Ryan's Heart line touches his fingers which tells us he connects easily with others around him, as so many Water handed people do, and he does not shy away from his emotions.

Hard to see Ryan's Ego line, and it looks like there are some interesting characteristics to it, so it's a shame the flash washed it out so much. But we can't leave Ryan's hand without mentioning his bodacious mount of Luna (much like Johnny Depp's). This is an area of the palm which indicates the subconscious, so to see actors with a highly developed mount tells us of their immense capacity to pull from these dark recesses when crafting a character. More than any other characteristic on Ryan's hand, this tells us he will go far in his career, pulling many aspects of himself into his roles for us to enjoy.

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