November 30, 2011

Robert Pattinson's palm reading

Robert Pattinson is beyond popular with about half the female U.S. population, so forgive me, readers, for admitting I've never even seen a Twilight movie (nor read the books!) So this reading is dedicated to you, the legion of Twilight die hards, let's take a peek.

Robert is an Air hand, an intellectual by nature, and an actor who prefers to use skills and technique (over brute instinct) when approaching his craft and creating a character. However, this isn't to say he only lives inside his head... he's a hopeless romantic at heart, much like his fans, and the type of person who has learned to grow a hard, protective shell in this world that so often fails to live up to his more idealistic expectations.

He's evenly balanced between logic and willpower, using both in combination when working with others. He's only a wee bit stubborn, if there's something he feels strongly about he will stand up for his viewpoint even if it's unpopular, but otherwise he is an easy person to work with, and not prone to diva-like displays of egotism (despite his runaway fame at such a young age, so good for him for staying grounded).

Robert is not an impulsive person by nature, and while his most famous role to date might be one of extreme action, in reality Robert himself is far more cautious about taking risks in life. He is not the kind to drive himself to extremes in order to induce the adrenaline rush that others might crave. Hand him a book, or some other puzzle that intrigues his brain, and he feels enough satisfaction in a mental chase far more than a physical one.

He has a long Head line, indicating Robert is inclined to long thought patterns, the opposite of short & staccato thoughts. Instead, he has a mind that can meander further into its own depths, as we see the line reaches towards the mount of Luna, the area of the subconscious. It is hard to see for certain, but there appears to be a strong fork on the Head line as well, called the "Writer's Fork" in palmistry. If so, then Robert would be encouraged to explore that option within himself, as it has great potentiality.

This alternative picture gives us a slightly different shadow on the palm, so a few other features come forward in the close up.

Robert has a complicated Heart line, I'll explain why. It appears to have three very prominent branches, and each one of them tells us a little something different about Robert's emotional world. Firstly, it connects to the fingers, so overall Robert is a person who allows others into his heart very naturally and easily. However, the connection itself falls in the mount of Saturn, an area associated with isolationism and hermitage. So while Robert feels things deeply, and connects with others, he also has a hermit streak that's a mile wide, and as a partner, he requires a mate who can understand his periodic need to "disappear," to be alone with himself and his thoughts, without feeling challenged by that separation.

He also has a strong branch that lands in the mount of Jupiter. Robert is an extraordinarily compassionate (and possibly even empathetic) person and finds it deeply enriching to express this compassion in ways that are meant to teach, or mentor, others. Although young, Robert already has much to give in the way of instructing others, and this inclination comes from a kind place within. It may be that he does more charitable work as his life progresses, we shall see.

But we're still not done with Robert's Heart line, the third branch reaches to his mount of Apollo, which tells us of his passionate devotion to the performance arts. He really is an artist, in that he is in love with the craft of acting as much as he is with the actual works themselves (be that film, although I feel there is much stage craft for Robert to be discovered as well). For Robert to find that ideal mate, he needs someone who not only balances his need for isolation, but can deal with his divided heart that equally devotes itself to his profession, as much as a life partner.

Lastly, the shadow on the closeup also allows a peek at his Ego line, which runs directly up the center of the palm. Robert has had a pretty clear understanding of himself from an early age and has shown a great deal of personal determination in order to achieve his goals.

Twilight fans... you're welcome. (And, thank you!)

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