December 14, 2011

Prince William, Duke of Cambridge's palm reading

December is designated as "Do-Over" month on the blog, and up first is the dashing Prince William, Duke of Cambridge. We had a fairly decent, although somewhat pixelized palm reading for him during April, which was Royals month on the blog in honor of the wedding. But how could I refuse a do-over when you find a shot as pristine as this?

It's almost as if I can see his lines as they would be holding his hand in real life. Exquisite!

The short, but wide arched Life line shows us that William will view his time here on Earth as being too short, no matter what age he lives to (nowhere in palmistry is there a mark which defines the age which one's death will arrive). However, we can see William loves adventure, and assuredly his adreneline-seeking side must be one reason he enjoys his active career in military service. And, it is poignant, given what we know of William's early loss of his mother, but we do see a tangled sister line to his Life line, the indication of a guardian spirit who walks with him in this life.

The Life line's connection to the Head line tells us he is not an impulsive person by nature, and the length and clarity of the line itself indicates the dreamy, long and connected thoughts that William is prone to having. Although romantic and even idealistic at times, he also has a clear indication of his own mind, we can see this from the depth and clarity of the Head line, and that he is not the type to second guess himself.

But take a look at that branch coming off the Heart line that reaches between his Saturn (3rd) and Apollo (4th) fingers! That divot tells us William has a strong hermit streak within him, and not only guards what private time he has, he also craves it so much that loved ones (such as Kate) will have to understand his periodic need to "disappear" and be by himself, alone, for lengths of time. Without this, Will feels extremely at odds with himself, and can become more disgruntled than is in his nature to be.

And Will has a trident as the origination for his Ego line! This feature, more than any other, is what I find fascinating about Will's hand. In palmistry, a fork on the line always gives strength to that line's characteristics. To see a 2-pronged fork on an Ego line would show me this person has two divergent sides within themselves that they have learned to merge together in time.

But a trident... this is an area of palmistry that is unique to my own interpretation: I find that those with a trident are "star people," a metaphysical term which indicates a soul who is not usually incarnating within the Earth realm. As such, they are brilliant people, often with several degrees and fluent in many areas of personal expertise. They seem like sponges in how they try to soak up experiences and learn as much as possibile in one lifetime. Another commonality they often share is a willingness to serve the greater good, to live their lives in service to humanity, whether as talented surgeons, mentors or instructors, or in William's case, as a world leader. Oprah Winfrey is another celebrity with a trident on their Ego line.

And, Will's Ego line takes a jagged turn to the side just below the Head line, and follows a new course, showing us that around the age of 28,William saw one view of himself, one "self-definition" as coming to an end. A new interpretation of himself began to appear, and from this new interpretation, William has come to define himself now, and much longer into his 40s and beyond. It may be that for a good deal of time, William believed he could never marry and be happy in life, and was given to a reluctant acceptance of his fate to be a bachelor, by his status. Then, a new definition of himself began to appear for Will, and we see his willingness to follow this new life out as he develops himself during this life.

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