December 28, 2011

Madonna's palm reading

Isn't it always the case with Madonna? She always pops up again, and here she is for December do-over month. This came in with the help from a reader who emailed the photo to assist with a second try for Madge. And isn't that whole expression of hers just... priceless?

We could only do a top of hand reading last time, but this time we can see a decent palm shot, and right away it jumps out how impulsive she is. It seems an obvious point of her life, but in palmistry you can see a notable gap between her Life line and her Head line, showing there is often a disconnect in how she sees things logically, and the action she chooses to take in the moment.

Close up, we can see despite a lifetime of antics before the press, Madonna thinks of herself as not really much of a risk taker. She doesn't thrive on the adrenaline rush as we would perhaps expect, but instead sees herself as a somewhat mild personality. She can't figure out why the rest of us keep tripping out on her, in fact.

Extremely long Head lines like hers show a mind that reaches into the depths of the subconscious for creativity and inspiration. The Head line is very strong, showing her single-mindedness when it comes to her sense of intellectual conviction. Here is also where the business acumen that helped her to succeed monetarily can be found, not in a money triangle, but in that sense of determination and purpose of thought.

We can't see the exact termination of her Heart line, but as with other lines on her palm, the depth here tells us she feels emotions deeply, and is not the kind of person who would shy away from her more difficult emotions.

Ready for a shocker? Madonna doesn't think of herself as indulging her whims so much. The "waisted" aspect of her fingers shows us inside herself she prefers to restrict her indulgences quite naturally. While this flies in the face of her public persona, in palmistry we see the truth of how we see ourselves, and not the rest of the world's opinion. And, it is worth noting that this goes completely contradictory to her previous reading, where the view of the top of her hand make her fingers appear not to be "waisted" but to be plump and generous. This proves, again, that there is nothing like a real, live reading... but in lieu of such, we must make do with the best photos we can for our purposes.

And how about that Intuition line? Have you seen such a line? Madonna's intuitive dialogue is extremely well developed and a pronounced aspect of her life. She clearly listens to the intuitive voice within, and has relied upon it on every level (the gut instinct, the intellectual/head, and the emotional/heart) when conducting the course of her lifetime. If her choices have shocked us along the way, they've made perfect sense to her and to her relationship to the Divine.

And that's pretty much all Madge cares about. (Which may be why we have never gotten enough of her?)


  1. Nice..Everyone is interested to know about there future.Plam reading is very interesting and huge topic to study.

  2. Thank you so much! That did the trick, you saved me more endless hours of searching for a fix.